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Thread: P J Grady Europe : non-destructive BTTF prop kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpistocco View Post
    How about "Ready Player One?"
    Are you saying Ready Player One is a reboot/sequal/prequal to Back to the Future?

    I suppose a male teenaged main character periodically drives a time machine DeLorean, but I think that's where the similarities end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stranovegas View Post
    yes! shoot me an email at I am currently working on creating some non-evasive BTTF parts to be sold to Delorean owners that could easily attach to the outside of the car, much as mine is. Most is very lightweight as well so it really doesn't effect the performance of the car. Also, everything is easily attachable and detachable. My car is still STOCK technically. If interested, hit me up and lets talk!
    Any progress on these “non-invasive” parts and if so can we see what you’ve come up with?

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