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Thread: Welcome to the new FAQ section!

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    Welcome to the new FAQ section!

    Welcome to the DMCTalk F.A.Q. (or "Frequently Asked Questions") section! This is an ever-expanding section dedicated to making searching for commonly asked questions a little easier. Here you will find links to other areas of the forum specifically categorized to allow the best possible answers to your DeLorean needs. If you have any threads you would like to contribute, simply post them below, and we will edit the F.A.Q. to include your information.

    Special thanks to Ron for getting this list started.

    One of's original admins

    Mainly lurking, just passing through. Still enjoying reading about everyone's progress.

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    Great idea guys! Looks good.

    How about adding a stereo, speaker, DIN bracket upgrade or repair thread or two?

    The one entitled "Choice of speakers" has a lot of good information. Maybe one of the ones's Dave Graham has done on adding/modifying Craig radios to either work or include an AUX in connection?

    Somewhat related to the speaker, stereo thread could be a link to one of the console removal threads...

    Was there an angle drive/speedo thread in that list? I'll have to go back and look. That's an unfortunately all too common thing needing looked up.

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    Awesome idea guys! Clearly have some great people running the site.

    I really like the restoration section, I always felt it should be slotted in a different category that "general". Good job guys.

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    Very helpful!!

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    Hi all.
    Has anyone removed the slave clutch cylinder, and how hard is it to do.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by banzai View Post
    Hi all.
    Has anyone removed the slave clutch cylinder, and how hard is it to do.?

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    I removed mine from below. ( removing the intake manifold and doing this from above would be 50 times easier) I couldn't disconnect the hard line at the slave so I disconnected the hard-line at the other end and then found a way to ease the slave out ( after removing one bolt) with the hard line still attached. Refitting was the reverse of removal but it was a major pain to get it into location. I was bear hugging the transmission to get a hand up on either side.

    So far the most awkward job I've done ( if the intake manifold is not removed ).
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