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Thread: How To: Change the window motors (instructions from A1)

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    Noted, I am about to do this job so see how I go
    Quote Originally Posted by robvanderveer View Post
    If you're lucky, you can be done in 1 hour per side.

    In reality though, you need about 632 hours for the first door, and 20 minutes for the other side.

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    Has anyone used Ed's windows motors (DMC EU). They are cheaper than the A1 version (338EU--$381.91--for a pair shipped to the US (Texas in my case). This price is after removing the European VAT tax. They appear to be similar, but the mounting bracket looks slightly different (although hard to tell really since the pictures are very small).

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    That really looks like the hard way to do this job. Other than moving the two brackets we don't take anything apart.
    I followed the written directions.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by bfloyd View Post
    I followed the written directions.....
    There are a couple of versions of the directions.
    Dave S
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    Since the driver's side window motor went out I went ahead and ordered both motors so I could replace what I thought would be the original motors in both sides. I changed the drivers side and it was the facotry original with the white plastic (which was broke) and the white tube. I took apart the passenger side door and it has the red tube so it had been replaced before I got it. Since it had been replaced and since it's working anyway I decided not to replace it. Now I have a brand new passenger side motor that I will be selling plus a broker driver's side motor that someone can repair.

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    Is the Delorean window motor regulator used exclusively in the Delorean or is this a part used in other car models?

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    Regulator assembly is Delorean specific.

    The drive motor is universal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMCMW Dave View Post
    There are a couple of versions of the directions.
    Would it be possible to attach the better set of instructions to the thread? I'm midway through this goatfest of a job but didn't receive any instructions with my new regulator.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bfloyd View Post

    To install the whole assembly, the motor has to go in first, then the regulator tube and drive assembly.
    I just completed the Driver's side, I found it easier to actually slide in the regulator tube first and then slide the motor in after it. I secured the spacers to the Motor before sliding it into place and attaching to the regulator tube.

    The motor kit I have was from Delorean GO, which I'm pretty sure are the same ones DMC EU/A1 sell

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