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Thread: Mechanics in Jacksonville?

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    Mechanics in Jacksonville?


    Does anyone know of any mechanics with DeLorean experience in Jacksonville? I read that Dungan Brooks Imports was a DeLorean friendly repair shop but did not see any feedback.



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    Hi Bill!
    I'm in Jacksonville, too! I've seen a DeLorean driving on Kernan Blvd in the morning on occasion. Is this you?
    My car is serviced locally by Terry Dugan, formally of Dungan Brooks Imports. He closed his shop and now works for a repair shop for a local car dealer, but still works on my car. He is VERY familiar with the DeLorean!
    I'll send you a PM with my phone number, and I can get you in touch with him.
    I'd love to meet up with you at some point!
    I'll have my DeLorean at this weekend's 8-Flags Car Show up in Fernandina Beach. Come on up if you can!
    1981 DeLorean DMC-12

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    I am in Jacksonville as well, new owner and in need of some help!

    If anybody knows who I can contact, I am looking to have someone look at my car and tell me what good/bad/ugly!


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    Welcome to the thread!

    Ed Ferri knows some mechanics you can go to in Jax.

    I live in Fernandina Beach.

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    Guys, if you don't mind the drive my shop SEO Motorsports is located in Melbourne FL, just a drive on I95 and I can service anything you need on your DeLoreans. I have three in the shop right now as a matter of fact.


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    Mechanics in Pompano

    Any one know of a good mecanic in my area.


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    Quote Originally Posted by banzai View Post
    Any one know of a good mecanic in my area.

    Foreign & Corvette Repair World, at 2108 Mears Parkway in Margate (in a warehouse park, just barely southwest of the corner of US441/State Road 7 & Copans Road/Royal Palm Blvd. phone is 954-972-8410. Ask for Mike Gurebo or hid dad Nick. They've been doing allsorts of work on my DeLoreans for nearly 25 years, and in fact, VIN1150 is there now for new brake pads tomorrow ;-)

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