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Thread: SEO Motorsports DeLorean Tech day

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    I sold my Car back in September 2009 (Mike Hackey's old car), to a guy who was in the Airforce in Georgia (jackb). He drove down to Tampa and picked it up from me. I believe it ended up in AZ. If I can ever afford one again I may get another. I did enjoy the time I spent in the group and everyone was awesome and very helpful. Sad to hear most have sold their cars off. I saw a Delorean recently near me in Tampa. It was sitting outside an AC shop or garage on a major street here. The interior was in bad shape. The car needs to be restored. I also forgot this website started over several years back. I orginally joined in like 2004 and had a higher post count. After I sold my car i stopped coming on here.

    Regardless Deloreans will always be something I love.
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