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Thread: RediRad - AUX input for Craig Radio

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwrayth View Post
    Fire me a PM if you have further questions
    Thanks for the offer! I may have to take you up on that! Any suggestions on brands? I'm finding a few, but now leaning toward iSimple, they seem to be the most popular on Amazon.
    David Proehl

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    I have the Scosche one pictured in post #2 in a GMC Canyon hooked up to my Sirius/XM unit and it works. I do get some engine noise from it but that may just be the vehicle - because I had it in a Ford Ranger once and didn't have any engine noise. I did install an inline noise filter on the +12v and it did help but didn't eliminate it completely. I also ended up removing the antenna from the outside of the vehicle because it only allows two stations to be selected (somewhere around the 88mhz range) and they were both rather strong signals in my area. I never listen to regular radio anyway so it was not a problem for me. I believe it was an "inexpensive" one, if I had to buy another I would probably shop around first to see if I could find one a little better quality. Or at least one that had more than two frequencies to choose from. But in a pinch would buy it again.

    I would definitely stay away from the wireless type. If you are in an area with a lot of stations, you will be fighting for a clear frequency to use. And if you do find one, everyone else and their mother will be using the same frequency. I used one for two days and threw it in the trash after hearing everyone's music except my own! The fun thing was I got to hear what the guy next to me was listening to! But their transmitting power is limited and open to too much interference.

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    Post Regarding the RediRad...

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidProehl View Post
    Has anyone tried a RediRad or a device like it on your Craig? The idea is that it plugs into your FM antenna input on the back of the radio, supposedly allowing clear audio. It is still an FM signal rather than true AUX input, but doesn't require modifications to the radio at all.

    I'm (very) slowly upgrading my stereo system and this seems like it might be a good alternative to shipping my radio somewhere to have it modified. I'm sure it isn't as clear as a true AUX mod, but curious if this setup works as well as they claim.

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    Hello, David & the group:

    Although I am a Pontiac collector, I "lurk" around a lot of car forums and saw your post. I am the inventor of the RediRad and if I may, I would like to chime in on the options on the market. For AM-FM radios, there are several 'modulators' on the market and you guys have captured the popular ones out there.

    As captured above, the 'wireless' modulators are just a waste of money and the aggravation you will feel from poor performance (sound quality) will be apparent almost immediately. On to 'direct-connected' modulators...

    While the RediRad-FM @ $99 is on the high-end of the price spectrum, there is much more value vs. the cheap alternatives. First off, the RediRad-FM is American-made at a small business and we take customer SATISFACTION seriously. Second, and UNlike the Scoche FM modulator, RediRads have automatic detection from your external source; there is no external on-off switch (therefore no holes to drill) which means neither the casual observer (nor car show judge) can tell that you have an AUX-input on a stock audio system. Third, unlike a radio 'conversion', vehicle originality (and therefore value) is maximized when you use the RediRad-FM because it does not invade the car or its radio. If you sell the car, you can keep your RediRad-FM for the next one. Fourth, the RediRad-FM has a no-hassle, money-back guarantee: Try it for a couple of months. If you decide it's not your cup of tea, send it back. I could go on but the probably the best reason to consider a RediRad-FM is that you can call and talk with me (the inventor, who is both a rabid car-guy and a radio/antenna engineer) if you have technical questions.

    I suppose a potential down-side to the RediRad is that the stereo input cable is 3.5mm (1/8") and a few devices out there (some smart phones, for example) use the 2.5mm connector so you would need a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter (runs around $10 on Amazon). The Rediad is also not USB-direct capable. The reason is that very few portable devices have a USB plug but nearly all portable devices have a headphone jack.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me introduce both myself and the RediRad-FM from Brew City Engineering.

    If you have questions, feel free to post them here or call me. My office hours are 8 - 4 central time.

    ~Matt Planning
    262 646 3363

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    When I first got my DeLorean I was using a wireless FM transmitter with my iPod and was pretty discouraged with how bad the sound quality was. I always seemed to get static that would come and go. The RediRad sounds like a much better alternative. I like auto sensing feature so you don't have to try and hide a switch somewhere. I'll be adding this to my christmas list for this year

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    Any additional questions?

    Hey folks, this is Matt, inventor of the RediRad.

    I am bringing this old thread back up because I want to thank everyone's patronage over the years.

    In the time since this thread was originally posted, we at RediRad have sincerely listened to our customers, and have made product improvements while keeping it American-made and not raising the retail price. More about us at ... thanks again for supporting an American small business.

    Any RediRad questions, feel free to ask me. Either reply here or contact me thru the RediRad site.

    All the best to you!
    Attached Images
    Matt Planning
    RediRad Inventor

    We are SUPER excited to announce an all-new RediRad website - please check it out:

    ...gotta getta RediRad!

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