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Thread: Foam padding/adhesive for vents/grilles on louvers/engine cover

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    Foam padding/adhesive for vents/grilles on louvers/engine cover

    So, my can of SEM Trim Black arrived today, and if I can track down a can of reducer locally and the weather behaves, I should be repainting 16655's louvers and engine cover over the next few days. Once that is done, I'll need to re-install the vents on the louvers and the grilles on the engine cover (the latter of which I had powder coated- they look NICE).

    I've got a nice, new set of the brackets to mount the grilles coming in from Mid-West tomorrow (several of mine have always been missing, and cleaning up the existing ones would have been enough trouble that just buying the set made more sense), but I'm going to need to put in new foam for both, since it was (after a lot of work, in some cases...) removed in my paint prep.

    Are there specific kinds of foam tape/adhesive that are recommended for this? The vents in the louvers are actually held in by it, so it definitely has to be some kind of adhesive tape. The engine cover grilles though, the foam seemed to almost just be there to keep them from scraping/rattling against the cover and less actual adhesive.

    What have those of you who have done this before used? Thanks!

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    I actually did this today. I went to home depot and bought a 17' roll of adhesive backed weatherstripping foam and it worked great. Only issue was that it was grey instead of black, but I just hit it with a coat of SEM Trim Black and it looks great. I think the roll was like $2.49.

    So glad to have finally done this job. All the time I've owned the car, the engine cover stay was broken and the grills were held in by RTV. Nice to finally have it cleaned up and looking correct. Taught myself a little something about fiberglass work aswell .

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