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Thread: Anybody want to meet up at Tower Shops in Davie on Friday?

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    It was a huge event even with the fee. The fee covered insurance for the event and pays for the DJ that comes out every week. I've been to a couple Cars & Coffee events that were held at private locations and it was obvious that there was insurance coverage based on the contents of the warehouse.
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    Yup, the old Tower Shops show started many years ago initially with a $1 per car fee to cover the insurance, and also if I recall correctly, the hiring of a required off duty police security detail. Pretty sure the DJ was covered by and/or comped the vendor space income. The fee had risen to $3 by the time the shows ended last summer, but they still drew 200 or more cars weekly. $5 does seem a bit much, especially if the number of cars is so much lower now. They may well be unintentionally creating the smaller numbers simply by pricing it so much higher, and should perhaps consider a better balance ;-) With under 50 cars there, and consequently fewer people browsing as well, I don't think I'll bother, especially THIS weekend, as I've just spent the morning removing a bad driver's side window regulator assembly, and don't really want to do too much of a temporary reassembly to make it more presentable for the lookie-loos until the new part arrives. Yet one MORE job the next owner won't have to do or have done for them if they buy my car ;-)

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