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Thread: FL vehicle registration systems overcharging for DeLorean registration...

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    FL vehicle registration systems overcharging for DeLorean registration...

    ...atleast in Broward County.

    I registered my D a couple weeks ago and verified on the title that came in today that it was correct. When I went over the fees the clerk at the tag agency said "wow, that's a heavy car." I asked how much and he told me the state computer showed the DeLorean as over 5000lbs. I'm not sure if many of you know, but vehicle registration fees have two price categories, those under 4000lbs and those over...which is more expensive.

    I told the clerk that the car weighed under 3000lbs so he checked OTHER DeLorean registrations in the state of FL and said that the other cars are registered under that weight?! I told him that was incorrect and that I wasn't paying the wrong fee. I pulled up the wikipedia page (knowing it's not a citeable source) that said the car weighs 2712 but they wouldn't accept it because the computer showed one thing and they didn't have the NADA guide with weights for anything older than 1986. The manager (who has the worst customer service skills ever) said "all those old cars are heavy, you need to get it weighed." I asked her if she even know what a DeLorean was and she just turned away and muttered "no slip, no title." Luckily the local weigh station was only a couple miles away and they were in a Christmas mood so they weighed it for free. It tipped the scales at 2760...probably because of my obese tires.

    10077's title shows 2840lbs and 1045's title shows 3200. I'm not sure how those numbers were figured, but needless to say they vary quite a bit. I'd check your title as you may have been overcharged.
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    As a Floridian with a D I can tell you that this state will give you the big one every chance it can.
    When I bought my D it was your worst night mere come true dealing with the Florida DMV.

    Their goal is to put all taxing on your house. Put a camera outside your front door and send you a bill once you open that door.

    A new law was passed so that the state can tax all cars that get greater than 55 mpg. They will send you the bill with your registration I presume yearly.

    What I really love about Florida is their environmental concerns. I had to quit jet skiing when three woman died of flesh eating bacteria at the same boat ramp I used for twenty years. Not to mention their concern for building codes that would include an energy Efficient home "Solar Credits like Arizona". No not Florida.
    So remember should you purchase an energy efficient car above 55mpg. You will pay.

    Now is Florida an energy Conscience state? Only to make a buck.

    Just a thought

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    I FL registered mine up in Okaloosa County (Panhandle by Pensacola). When I went to title the D she went out to verify the VIN and she used the GVWR on the VIN plate in the door jam. It's around 3200~ I think. Same registration price tier as the 2700~ empty weight so I didn't care.

    Mine came from GA which doesn't require a title on old cars so I didn't have one, that wasn't a big deal though cause I had the registration from GA which worked. The hiccup was she put "Exceeds Mechanical Limits" next to the 10,500mile odometer reading on the title. I was like no, no, no. She said "it's an old car and is exempt." I persisted and she gave me a form for the previous owner to sign confirming the mileage, which I did and they reprinted one saying it is the actual mileage.

    (wow, I last posted 12/29/2012, almost a year to the day)
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    The weight on my Florida title is 2,900. It's been registered in Duval county since 2002. The PO's title was Florida and I assume he made sure this was handled correctly when the title was sent from Texas.

    Is your title showing a weight that is different than what the Tax Collector or DMV wants to assess for registration? or is your title showing 5,000+ pounds? Honestly, I'm not sure what the registration fee was based on for vin 6298. I always assumed it was based on the title's value.

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    Oddly enough, I was at the MVD (DMV for the east coasters) in Los Alamos, NM today and mentioned that I think they had me in the 3000 lb and up price range and sure enough, my DMC-12 is listed as 20000 lbs. Wh00t! 3000 and up is $54/year. This is.... well... less. I was in for a vanity plate. TARDIS, TIMELRD, and "88 MPH". We'll see if they're taken.


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    I lucked out because I went to the PO's bank with him and they notarized the title for my purchase and we documented the current miles on the car so that's what they put on the title.
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    I registered mine in Pinellas County and the weight is 2,700

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    It may just be my local office that doesn't know what they're doing. Broward offices are contracted out and the one I go to constantly has to call Tallahassee to ask questions.
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