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Thread: A nifty EFI solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by AugustneverEnds View Post
    What kind of lowering set-up is this car running? Seems very low. I speak from experience that while it looks cool that way, it can be a major hassle and occasionally a hazard when driving (at least on POS condition roads)
    It could very well be stock springs. That big iron block is adding around 200lbs more than stock behind the rear wheels.

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    The front has been lowered but the back is like that because of the engine. It drives and rides pretty nice, even on some roads we went on that were not the best.
    As far as the engine, it's a Chevy block - looks like the 350 in my son's 70 Camaro. The mounts may look scary but they're extremely solid. Not much information on the guy who was the PO and did the swap, but supposedly he did a lot of car shows with it - both doors have the "Designed by Lotus" badges right above the handles - kinda sucky being there and I'd rather have one mounted more discreetly. Also if you notice the PO put little metal squares glued onto the rear facia where each square is to make it more shiny or something. Getting it for a pretty decent price so not too concerned with little things that need to be done.

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    Some shots of the interior as well as the huge radiator that was put in. I plan on making a fiberglass cover for that that matches the inside of the trunk area.

    interior front.jpgexterior and trunk.jpg

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    Anyone attempt this or another brand system?

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