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Thread: DPI updated core policy

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    DPI updated core policy

    Trying to get as much exposure on this as possible so that owners are not blindsided by the changes.

    DPI Updated Core Policy:

    Unfortunately a few owners have ruined it for everyone. Up until now core charges were not paid up front but billed after a short period from purchase. The system worked great with no issues for years. Recently when multiple owners decided to try to take advantage of this policy changes had to be made. In one case a length of time passed with no communication despite multiple attempts resulting in the payment information on file being charged and declined due to a cancelled card. The other being a warm up reg returned with the part number intentionally ground off trying to pass off as a 066 unit. I am not going to single out anyone publicly as this does nothing to help the situation. Instead here is the updated policy for all core related items. If you purchase a fuel distributor, warm reg,calipers,axle shafts etc through our site an additional core charge payment is required. Prior to shipping you will receive a paypal invoice for the core charges associated with the invoice. This charge will be held for 30 days with a 100% refund. After this point no refund will be given. The charge will be steep on fuel distributors as replacements are costly. This is a rebuild exchange program just as other vendors offer. Not the outright purchase of the component which is available per request when required. But as we advertise we take our rebuilds to the next level replacing components others reuse. This isn't possible without the proper cores returned. Cores are to be returned per the purchase agreement emailed upon purchase. Not outright selling to other vendors for an amount exceeding the core charge.

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    We appreciate what you do for the DMC community. It's a real bummer. This change does not reflect negatively in any way in my eyes. You gotta do what you gotta do.

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    You the man! Do what you gotta do!

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    It's always a few who ruin it for the whole class.

    As a fellow business owner, I completely understand Josh.

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    It is unfortunate that people take advantage of someone for being helpful but it does happen all the time. Your new policy is still more than fair.

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    So do you buy cores also? I have a number of parts that could help out with core supply.
    -James . . . "Life without knowledge is death in disguise." ~ H.P.G.

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    I can't think of any type of business that essentially gives you a product for free and hopes you send it back. It is perfectly acceptable and normal to charge for the new part in full, and if the person decides to send back the core, they get a refund. very simple and fair.

    tony c

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    Quote Originally Posted by DPI JOSH View Post
    Cores are to be returned per the purchase agreement emailed upon purchase. Not outright selling to other vendors for an amount exceeding the core charge.
    There's you opening yourself up to being taken advantage of again.

    I am not a car guy, but it seems to me that the whole core thing is strange. This is the only industry that I know of where you have to turn in your old part when buying another one.

    But I agree with a previous poster. Charge the "New" price to buy the part, then issue a refund if they return the core (without requiring it). Then they have the option to get some money back or not to bother with it.

    30 day deposits and all this just seems strange to me. Then again, the auto service industry does a lot of things that wouldn't fly in other businesses.

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    Seeing as how I did not see this until today, this is a prominent business decision that needs to be recognized. Therefore, I am going to sticky this thread until further notice. Moderator

    Actual snippet of a conversation from Sept 2013:

    Me: Eddie, I can't wait to get the car back when you're done with it.

    Eddie: Yeah, you'll be able to give the car gas, and it won't be - like - embarrassing....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kane View Post
    This is the only industry that I know of where you have to turn in your old part when buying another one. .
    How may other industries rebuild the old parts? It's very common in industrial machinery and airplanes.

    Not so much in home hardware. I don't see anyone selling refurbished toilets for example.
    Dave S
    DMC Midwest - retired but helping

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