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Thread: 30-amp Fuse for Radio and Power Windows keep blowing

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    30-amp Fuse for Radio and Power Windows keep blowing

    Every time I turn on the ignition, the 30-amp fuse for the radio & power windows blows. I replace it, and it blows again. I had this problem once before, and it was due to one of the power windows switches being stuck on. After freeing the switch, the problem went away and it's been fine until this week. I've checked and both window rocker switches are fine an not stuck down.

    Any idea what else might be overloading that 30-amp fuse?

    Thanks for your help, guys!

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    Pull one or both window switches out and see if that fixes it. If not leave them out and start pulling the other loads. It probably is a pinched wire but if you can narrow it down with some testing your better off.
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    I've seen internally-melted window switches do that. If you've had one stuck for a while it's probably bad. Easy to check, just remove them one at a time.

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    Start by physically unplugging the switches, its possible one is still shorted. Then I'd disconnect the power to the radio and see if the fuses still pop...

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    Problem isolated. Thanks!

    Thanks, guys! That was it. The other window switch (not the one that was sticking before) appears to have shorted out. With it pulled, the fuse doesn't blow.

    So I'm just going to replace both window switches. Do you guys recommend the illuminated rocker switches sold by DMC?

    Are there better window switches made by someone else that will snap right in? Suggestions welcome.

    Thanks again for the help! This forum is a life saver.

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    The illuminated switches can either light up or look stock. I think they are the only correctly fitting option.

    You probably want to fix your center armrest so that they switches don't bind. There may be an easier way, but you can remove the center console and insert some washers onto the mounting studs at the rear half of the center console, but not on the studs just forward of the switches. This opens up the switch cavity ever so slightly .

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    Great suggestion. Thanks! I'll give that a try.

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    It might also be helpful to get one of those window switch guards that show up from time to time on eBay. When one's arm is on the arm rest, it often accidentally hits the window switches, causing them to heat up and eventually melt.

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    You also hit the defroster button with your elbow and turn it on by accident. If you turn it over it isn't as easy to hit it on accidentally. The guard is in the way when you want to actually use the buttons.
    David Teitelbaum

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