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  1. For Sale Misc Parts for Sale
  2. For Sale *******New Driverside Parking brake and Door lock Cable********
  3. For Sale 52mm core radiator.
  4. For Sale Fuse Box Cover
  5. For Sale Buttons / Switches / Covers / Etc
  6. For Sale Early Windshield W/ Antenna. Really good condition.
  7. Wanted Drivers Toll Window
  8. Wanted Shifter Boot
  9. For Sale Black Aluminum Coolant Reservor
  10. For Sale Rear Spoiler aftermarket option
  11. For Sale Automatic Trans
  12. For Sale Still have a redyed gray glovebox lid...
  13. Wanted Headers for an '81 DeLo
  14. Wanted Carbs
  15. For Sale SPEC I Exhaust systems
  16. Wanted Muffler Heat Shield
  17. For Sale Drivers side tailight..
  18. For Sale Bunch o' parts for sale. Nos lf fender + others
  19. Wanted WTB / WTT : Original Fuel Sender will buy or trade a new fuel sender + cash
  20. Wanted Misc parts wanted...
  21. For Sale tires for sale
  22. For Sale A few parts
  23. For Sale NOS Binnacles / lined hoods and more
  24. For Sale Beat up doors and rear quarter panels
  25. Wanted Clock Hosing and Plastic
  26. Wanted Help!! I need a grey passenger side knee pad!!!!!
  27. Wanted Black Seat Skins
  28. For Sale Steering universal
  29. Wanted Delorean rims
  30. Wanted Rear stock springs.
  31. For Sale Lockzilla
  32. For Sale used water pump
  33. Wanted Driver and Passenger side A/C vents
  34. Wanted Good Used Stage 1 Exhaust
  35. For Sale Misc. Parts
  36. For Sale DPI Stainless Axle flange kit
  37. For Sale DPI Stainless Rear hub adapter plate 110154SS
  38. For Sale DPI Stainless Plug wire bracket 102272SS
  39. Wanted Front fascia
  40. Wanted I need a fanzilla...
  41. For Sale 160 MPH Speedo
  42. For Sale Polished Stainless dual exhaust
  43. Wanted In need of an EXTERIOR door handle...
  44. Wanted Passenger side window motor
  45. For Sale 2 rear late style rims
  46. Wanted Dummy switches
  47. For Sale Passenger quarter panel for sale...
  48. Wanted Styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro for DMC/Ital Design/Turin, Italy Badge
  49. Wanted Black seat covers or seats
  50. For Sale Complete K-Jet System For Sale
  51. Wanted I am in need of a LH window motor that works...
  52. For Sale Heater Core
  53. For Sale GRAY - Center Console Elbow Pad / Rear Tray / Switches - PERFECT
  54. For Sale Eibach Springs
  55. Wanted DMOCO Shifter plate
  56. For Sale Oil/fuel level gauge
  57. Wanted Part 106357, lower engine cover hinge plate
  58. For Sale Two rear NOS girling shocks
  59. Wanted TIRES: COOPER tires -- front 195s with Raised White Lettering
  60. For Sale ****september sale*driverside door*********
  61. Wanted Craig Radio - Working or Not
  62. For Sale Used DMCH 140amp alternator
  63. Wanted Driver Side Upper door panel Black
  64. For Sale good condition front fascia for sale
  65. Wanted In search of two parts - Black Wheel DMC Logo Cap AND Door vent outlet
  66. For Sale Trailing Arm Bolts - special offer
  67. For Sale FREE Flux Capacitor
  68. Wanted Oil Dipstick and tube (If you have just the tube, that's fine)
  69. Wanted Black headliner set
  70. For Sale New / Used DeLorean parts
  71. Wanted 5 speed frame
  72. Wanted stock radio
  73. Wanted PRINTED CIRCUIT Board (105851)
  74. For Sale used OEM cooling fans
  75. Wanted Wanted: Grey passenger side leather seat covers
  76. Wanted Wanted: Delorean parts in excellent used condition
  77. Wanted SS engine electrical compartment cover (#1059550 or 110227)
  78. For Sale Piece of metal that happens to be shaped like a catalytic converter and is hollow
  79. For Sale Misc small parts and seals
  80. For Sale A couple of BRAND NEW DeLorean Parts 4/Sale Check it out!!
  81. Wanted Speedo decal
  82. For Sale Used OEM Girling front shocks
  83. For Sale Grey rear speaker panel/armrest passanger side
  84. Wanted Pair of manual transmission mounts
  85. Wanted Dash Mat
  86. For Sale retrosound model one
  87. For Sale Rims for sale
  88. Wanted looiking for engine bay harness(s)
  89. For Sale Still have passenger quarter panel..
  90. For Sale Pwr. window motors/regulators
  91. Wanted Power antenna or mast
  92. Wanted US license plate frame (fat chance, I know)
  93. Wanted Windshield
  94. For Sale Stage I stainless exhaust systems 9 available 600.00 plus shipping per system.
  95. For Sale Door and Louvre Struts
  96. For Sale Stainless Steel Clutch Line
  97. For Sale Window Switch
  98. For Sale Slightly damaged OEM fan shroud and fan motors
  99. For Sale SELLING engine and all related
  100. Wanted Rear shock/spring seats
  101. For Sale Fuel Pump Boot Support Ring
  102. Wanted WTB: DeLorean rims
  103. For Sale One Pair of Black Leather Pull Straps With D Rings In Like-New Condition
  104. For Sale Few items to sale
  105. Wanted Looking for Manual Pedal Box
  106. Wanted Original window switches with the arrows intact
  107. Wanted Door strut retaining plates (108653/108655 or improved versions)
  108. For Sale Original digital Delorean clock
  109. For Sale DPNW Stainless Braided Lower Speedo Cable
  110. Wanted Door air vents and manual shift boot.
  111. For Sale Stainless braided lowere cable
  112. Wanted WTB: Sunvisor
  113. For Sale Catalytic Converter
  114. Wanted passenger side outer door handle
  115. Wanted Damaged Stainless Steel Panels Wanted... NY Area
  116. For Sale Getting rid of all my b28 stuff
  117. For Sale Muffler Brackets 105153R & 105154R
  118. Wanted Prototype wheel
  119. For Sale Brand New Passenger side DMC Convex Mirror
  120. For Sale Black Anodized Aluminum Coolant tank $65
  121. For Sale Used Steering wheel $150
  122. For Sale Front Grill with emblem $250
  123. For Sale Motor Cover $175
  124. For Sale Rear Louver with DMC stiffner $400
  125. For Sale Master transmission kit -auto-
  126. Wanted Had a Fire, Need parts
  127. Wanted Door light socket.
  128. Wanted Wiper/turn signal switch
  129. Wanted Good 5 Speed frame
  130. Wanted Lower crankcase and oil pan (for 3.0L swap)
  131. For Sale New DMC Fusebox w/terminals and fuses $60.00
  132. For Sale Climate panel
  133. Wanted Ashtray
  134. For Sale Bougicord Spark Plug Wires
  135. For Sale Steering Joint set
  136. Wanted WTB: Transmission Computer
  137. Wanted Starter
  138. Wanted Fuel Tank Closing Plate
  139. Wanted Spare tire/wheeli
  140. Wanted Mirror switch
  141. Wanted Delorean Petrol Tank
  142. For Sale Delorean Industries Rear Wheel Bearings 100973 $19.95
  143. For Sale Strut Bar - One only!
  144. For Sale Delorean Performance Ind SPEC I CAT-DELETE PIPES now available
  145. For Sale Stainless Steel Dipstick Tube
  146. For Sale FS: 2 front 1 rear grey NOS Wheels 1981 Delorean Buffalo NY
  147. For Sale DMOCO Stainless Shifter Plate
  148. Wanted Grooved Hood
  149. Wanted Eagle Premier Airbox (later style)
  150. For Sale NOS Piston & liner assemblies
  151. For Sale Exhaust - Front Pipe
  152. Wanted WTB - Used stage 1 exhaust
  153. For Sale Barely used eagle premier Starter
  154. For Sale Delorean Performance Refurbished Air Metering Assembly Complete $295.00
  155. Wanted Delorean Sump
  156. For Sale Delorean Performance Front Recall clamp bracket kit Stainless Steel $10.95
  157. Wanted ignition lock assembly
  158. For Sale Delorean Performance SPEC CAT BACK Exhaust system $995.00
  159. Wanted Frame
  160. Wanted Looking for Manual Pedal Assembly
  161. Wanted 106825 mounting tray, lh
  162. For Sale steering wheel with center $200
  163. For Sale instrument cluster $200
  164. For Sale Gas Flap Hood $2500
  165. For Sale complete steering column assy $300
  166. For Sale Trade DIN radio plate
  167. For Sale A Few Odd Parts For Sale On E-bay Now
  168. Wanted Wanted: Radiator
  169. For Sale Delorean center Console Elbow Pad / GRAY / with Ash Tray & Switches
  170. For Sale Accent lined hood! Excellent condition!
  171. Wanted Compatible brake caliper cross reference
  172. For Sale Still have passenger quarter panel and passenger taillight...
  173. Wanted Passenger side A-1 window regulator
  174. Wanted WTB: BAFFLE, FUEL TANK (BASE) Part # 110043
  175. For Sale Stock Miror Inserts $15
  176. For Sale Drivers door stainless guides.
  177. Wanted WTB: Front lowering springs only
  178. Wanted WTB original 81 radio
  180. For Sale EFI Intake Manifold - Renault Z7U
  181. Wanted Engine Bay Courtesy Light Assembly and Engine Cover Retention Strips
  182. For Sale LC-1 Wideband Kit (USED BRIEFLY)
  183. For Sale SS Throttle Shield
  184. Wanted Driver Side Sun Visor
  185. Wanted Manual Transmission Front Gearbox Mounts
  186. For Sale set of Nology Hotwires for Delorean
  187. Wanted Wanted Grey passenger knee pad...
  188. Wanted Lower Speedometer Cable
  189. For Sale 3-speed automatic gearbox Florida
  190. For Sale F/S Stock exhaust, Headers, Cross over pipe, Muffler
  191. For Sale Special T Auto - Headers Set
  192. For Sale Special T EASY RIDER 2 shocks....complete set $175
  193. For Sale Rear DMCH Performance Shocks
  194. For Sale Lots of used Delorean parts
  195. For Sale Fuel tank baffle
  196. Wanted Green, yellow, blue relay sockets
  197. Wanted manual pedal box, and other bits for auto to manual conversion
  198. For Sale F/S Exhaust Parts, Headers, Catalytic Converter
  199. For Sale Delorean Performance Industries Axle Boot Kit W/ Stainless Locking Tabs $12.95
  200. Wanted Functioning Headlight Switch
  201. For Sale Set of DeLorean rims
  202. Wanted floor carpet set
  203. For Sale Variety of fuel and exhaust system parts for sale
  204. For Sale Original Grey Seat Covers-Used, Not Torn, Check it Out!
  205. Wanted Passenger side A1 window motor
  206. Wanted OEM Lighted Door Key
  207. For Sale Stainless Steel Lug Nuts
  208. For Sale Front Fascia with stiffner $500
  209. Wanted Working ignition distributor
  210. For Sale Various parts for sale - fuel hoses, injectors, fuel distributor, etc
  211. Wanted MOMO Evolution Steering Wheel
  212. For Sale Lower Links & Steering Joint
  213. Wanted Aluminum Coolant Tank
  214. Wanted Manual transmission crossgate shift cable
  215. Wanted WTB: Toby Tabs
  216. Wanted Automatic transmission controller govenor
  217. Wanted New A/C hoses (split or not)
  218. For Sale Goodyear NCT Radials
  219. Wanted Driver's side sun visor wanted - light grey
  220. Wanted Old seat covers
  221. Wanted Throttle spool assembly
  222. Wanted TankZilla Wanted
  223. For Sale Stainless Lower Door Strut Brackets
  224. Wanted Interior headlining bits (door car panels)
  225. For Sale Delorean Island Twin Turbo system
  226. Wanted WTB Passenger side carpeting, late light gray
  227. Wanted Driver's side sideview mirror
  228. Wanted Manual Stainless Shifter Ball Knob
  229. For Sale Right and Left rear quarter panels
  230. For Sale Am moving in a few months hopefully and want to sell some parts!!
  231. Wanted Good condition door vent
  232. For Sale New DMCH carpet set - BLACK
  233. For Sale FS: Tuns of nos dmc parts for sale. Spring cleaning Buffalo NY
  234. For Sale Torsion Bars
  235. Wanted Digital Door Lock Controller
  236. For Sale Rear left & right back glass for sale
  237. Wanted Heater controls
  238. Wanted Small side stripe
  239. For Sale Right rear quarter panel
  240. For Sale Left front fender !!!!!
  241. Wanted Lock and Latch
  242. Wanted Looking for late-style gray door sill carpet
  243. Wanted Door Panels (Grey)
  244. Wanted Interior Parts
  245. Wanted Center Console Pad
  246. Wanted Wanted door handle
  247. For Sale Island Twin Turbo Kits
  248. Wanted Parts wanted..
  249. Wanted Passenger side gray carpet - WANTED
  250. Wanted WTB Used tail light circut boards and harness connector