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  1. Fully documented EFI conversion
  2. Opethmike Z7U manifold custom conversion
  3. Spittybug - Designs for converting stock setup to EFI
  4. Preparation & Planning
  5. Hardware & Integration
  6. Software & Tuning
  7. Individual Projects Link-List
  8. Spittybug #2329 Peugeot 604 manifold custom conversion
  9. AdmiralSenn (Adam S.) #3416 "Christine" Megasquirt conversion
  10. Cineman - #01748 3.0lt twin turbo - Italy
  11. Megasquirt EFI conversion
  12. Getting ready to go ignition control
  13. Reasons for EFI
  14. Where to purchase EFI
  15. Connect Thermotime Switch to MS?
  16. Diagnostic port
  17. Tuning for built up engine
  18. Cleaning up wiring post EFI conversion, questions regarding certain wiring
  19. 3.0 Conversion step by step
  20. Adaptronic Engine Management
  21. A better video of my EFI & Spec 2 car running
  22. Tracing down my last bit of reset issue
  23. Engine Dies When Placed In Gear***Split from Spittybug...EFI***
  24. Passing california smog requirements
  25. Fuel Pump EMI Noise Suppression
  26. Throttle body to Air filter adapter
  27. Fuel pump control via Megasquirt
  28. EFI Conversion Using Stock Delorean Intake Manifold
  29. Completed idle control conversion
  30. Fuel lines
  31. In planning stages for EFI
  32. Cruising AFR
  33. Smog Emissions w/ Megasquirt
  34. Pulse and Afterstart issues
  35. By pass accumulator and adding regulator...
  36. Running vacuum
  37. Diagnostics help, please - sputtering, crazy tach signal
  38. Researching for going ignition control
  39. EFI Guys, post your .MSQ files so that we have a library of them
  40. Ignition timing spreadsheet
  41. No TPS, but TPS "creep"?
  42. volvo piston liners in renault z7x (eagle premier)
  43. MS and relay board mounting dimensions
  44. Converting 767 to EFI with stock manifold
  45. TPS on factory throttle spool, design and fabrication
  46. MS Wiring
  47. EMI from solid core plug wires
  48. Fan Relay Control
  49. A nifty EFI solution
  50. Coolant and Intake Temp Sensor Values
  51. Would anyone be willing to fly to Seattle to convert my D to EFI?
  52. 7 Years
  53. MS conversion questions!
  54. Is Your Delorean With EFI Automatic or Manual
  55. Running rich when hot
  56. DIY EFI hardware kit
  57. anyone want to help me setup EFI in Los angeles? Online or in person
  58. PRV EFI inlet manifold for sale
  59. Why EFI?
  60. Throttle cable solution?
  61. Slight Bogging Down (Lag) After Accelerating from Stop
  62. What TPS Do You Use With Megasquirt?
  63. Fitting a toothed timing wheel to a stock engine?
  64. AN6 fuel line from the filter
  65. Bluetooth for your Megasquirt EFI
  66. Harder Start When weather is Colder
  67. Adding Knock Sensor to Original DeLorean Engine For EFI Conversion?
  68. 3.0L oil and coolant temperature senders for the instrument cluster gauges/lights?
  69. Spark Advance Table
  70. EFI Swap Donor Vehicles posted
  71. Bosch EV12 injectors?
  72. Holley stuff
  73. Vapor canister fixed orifice necessity for EFI
  74. EFI Conversion Questions.
  75. 3.0L MegaSquirt w/ EDIS, starts and idles... what next?
  76. 3.0L Megasquirt w/ EDIS: Headers running at different temps?
  77. Microsquirt loosing synch
  78. Can someone test my MegaSquirt II 3.57?
  79. Revisiting spark advance to optimize ...NEED SMART EYEBALLS....
  80. High idle on cold start: vacuum leak or IAC setup?
  81. Back on the road, but a few things to tweak
  82. Ecoboost Engine Swap
  83. K-jet pressure gauges, PPR shims, WURs, CSVs
  84. Lotus engine swap
  85. Idle drops low when coming to a stop
  86. MegaSquirt II A/C Idle Up Modification
  87. 2706 goes megasquirt
  88. Holley Sniper 2300 EFI kit?
  89. 3.0 EFI Swap with MS3 Pro
  90. Another Megasquirt conversion: VIN00910
  91. Megasquirt question for Eagle 3.0 conversion
  92. Experiments with increasing idle timing on B28F
  93. #2203 is Back With EFI and Velocity Stacks!
  94. 1264 goes EFI
  95. EFI with Peugeot 604 manifold (fuel only)
  96. Nissan trottle bodys on a Delorean
  97. Fuel accumulator removal / bypass
  98. EFI/Coil MS3 conversion 29V/dash issue
  99. Ignition control with MS2
  100. Electromotive TEC-II on Eagle 3.0L PRV - Fuel Priming Issues