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  1. My new sunshade support
  2. Aftermarket Springs
  3. Modifying the DMCH Reproduction Fuel Sender
  4. Microprocessor controlled idle ECU
  5. Cheap/basic LED interior lights
  6. EFI conversion - VIN1049
  7. How to hook up footwell lights to work off plungers?
  8. Carbed car and a 5 speed... do I need my computer AT ALL now?
  9. Remote Zilla Operation?
  10. DMC-24: 4 seater DeLorean
  11. side marker(front and rear) blinker mod request
  12. West Coast Customs - Will.I.Am's custom DeLor.I.Am
  13. Eagle 3.0 Conversion: MegaSquirt Idle Air Control Settings for MS1, 3.57 board
  14. Increasing power to center AC vents
  15. Oil Cooler, Anyone install one? Where?
  16. Photos of my fusebox/relay/circuit breaker area-Have some questions on mods, updates
  17. Side Stripe Variations
  18. Windshield trim?
  19. Hardcastle & McCormick car
  20. Help on scuff marks on seat!
  21. Door seal mod with product from Lowes
  22. Spec .01 Exhaust
  23. UK Exhaust
  24. Reversing Exhaust Manifolds
  25. Choices of speakers
  26. Seat Heaters
  27. Lets see some engine bay pics....
  28. Ultimate Engine Thread
  29. Running a DeLorean on Ford Ignition
  30. idea for cooling fan circuit
  31. Those of you who have run or are running an MSD igintion box(ex. Digital 6, etc.)??
  32. Mr. Gasket Invisible Antenna? Where can I find a 1" stainless hole cover?
  33. cooling fan circuit mod question
  34. Where to buy tires online...
  35. Back up camera and/or back up sensors
  36. A new Idea for Attaching Upper Door Panels
  37. idea: mirror-mounted flashers
  38. dual-filament brake and signal bulbs
  39. United We Stand...the 9/11 Tribute DeLorean (photo archive...November 2001)
  40. Clamato Rally DeLorean - the For Sale Photos from December 2001
  41. Dominos Pizza DeLorean - the For Sale photos from October 2002
  42. The Infamous Fast and Furious DeLorean - photos from December 2002
  43. Auxillary Power Outlet Wiring
  44. Window switch LED install
  45. Buzzer/Chime mod to remind you when the parking lights are on with key out?
  46. Radio Install Guide and Help
  47. DeLorean Window Tinting Advice
  48. SpecialTAuto/Gullwing Design AT Govenor
  49. Bosch K-Jetronic System Questions Thread
  50. Anyone found a good cheap set of non-DMC seat covers?
  51. Carb Engine backfires when I shut the car off ***Carbed Car***
  52. What wheels/rims do you have??
  53. General Storage Compartment Door with 8" sub built in
  54. Carb Bucking when trying to give more gas going uphill
  55. General The "Show off your Delorean interior" thread, stock or modified...
  56. ITB's?
  57. General RetroSound radios: post your feedback here
  58. Bob Brandy's fullsize windows
  59. Custom wheels / rims?
  60. Backlit Electronic Instrument Cluster
  61. Flux Capacitor Storage Doors. One Last Run....
  62. Dual Fan Relay Mod w/ opt buzzer
  63. General Lowering question - do the lower links need to be modified?
  64. Broad technical questions: GM Drive-train?
  65. A/C panel lights jumper
  66. General High Energy Ignition (HEI)
  67. Vin# 4875
  68. LED 3rd brake light install, still experimental stage, not yet fixed
  69. Ground Bus
  70. The DeLorean "Ship of Theseus" thread
  71. Cooling fan circuit re-design
  72. Light switch mod - lights on with key on only
  73. General Aftermarket Saturn alternator wiring?
  74. Volvo Ignition Distributor Versus DeLorean Ignition Distributor
  75. Carb Rain-X on stainless?
  76. Experimenting with Alcantara Cloth/fabric
  77. Door Trim Panel, Plastic Trees pulled out
  78. Bill's modified crumple tube
  79. Carb antifreeze in the air cleaner housing
  80. Fuel pump buzzing cure?
  81. Carb The care and feeding of DeLorean carburetors
  82. the DMCH custom interior
  83. Custom LED dome lights
  84. How to remove speedometer from face plate?
  85. Binnacles
  86. General Lower engine cover modifications: Stiffening, lift support, etc.
  87. General Solid State RPM relay
  88. Cruise Control
  89. General A very impressive restoration, in Norway
  90. General Auto-to-manual shifter plate
  91. Car Show Door Bars
  92. General Custom Lighter LEDs
  93. Need some help regarding a V-8
  94. Which will be completed first?
  95. My own custom throttle cover
  96. Another fuel tank plumbing option
  97. General Trailer Hitch?
  98. General Battery buss bar
  99. 3.0 Twin Turbo prv #01748 - Italy
  100. General All SMD bulb conversion...
  101. General Digital Warm Up Regulator
  102. General Full-size spare options?
  103. rear quarter glass removal
  104. General Stage III Supercharger Upgrade Thread
  105. General V8 Delorean
  106. Digital Dash
  107. a Delorean Paint Stripping Blog
  108. General Eagle Premier Starter
  109. General 3.0L Swap and support
  110. General Red loses some red
  111. Engine compartment light
  112. General Electric Delorean & Turbine Engines
  113. Fuel baffle in old style but updated
  114. underbody lights
  115. De-Cat Power Increase
  116. Stupid hairbrain idea? Engine boost alternative
  117. What Does Everyone Think of this Car?!
  118. Rear Window Defroster as an antenna
  119. PRV mods and Engine swaps
  120. Interesting new stereo head unit available Parrot Asteroid
  121. General BTTF Conversion
  122. General Non-stock seats?
  123. Seat Covers
  124. General Anyone in here run heated seats? dummy switches converted to heated seats?
  125. General What mods would make the car more reliable?
  126. Crankcase purge line
  127. General New A/C Panel Design Prototype - Thoughts/Suggestions?
  128. EFI Engine Differences [Volvo/Eagle]
  129. Build your own Door Lock ECU
  130. General Indash Ipad for Delorean
  131. Urban Camo for a DeLorean
  132. 3.0 eagle efi
  133. Catalytic converter
  134. General Antenna options
  135. General New Fan Fail unit
  136. Headlight ground wires
  137. Power Steering
  138. Can the stereo/nav and air vents be swapped?
  139. General Retrosound Model One install
  140. General Interior dome light conversion under rear shelf to twin units
  141. General 2930 Lives again!
  142. Adjusting alternator tension
  143. General Door switch alternatives
  144. General who sells the stainless lower cover inserts
  145. General Stiff clutch pedal kits? - Seen on Gearz
  146. General LED dome light relay
  147. General Another Interior Combination - grey trim/dark carpet/2-tone seats
  148. Brake upgrade options?
  149. General DeLorean amp installation
  150. General Running door lock actuators without relays
  151. Heated AND Cooled Seats
  152. General console redesign
  153. Upgraded and Improved Front Suspension
  154. Upgraded and Improved Tail Light Boards
  155. Shock Tower Bar for sale
  156. Custom carpet
  157. General Cruise Control Options?
  158. Is it possible to make a Delorean have power steering
  159. Twin Turbo or Stage 3 Upgrade On PRV
  160. Whats the difference of lowering springs
  161. Replacement clock for DeLorean DMC-12
  162. General Keep or sell original parts?
  163. Proper header for odd fire PVR
  164. General Escutcheon rattle and hum - making it stay in place
  165. Reasons for 3.0 swap
  166. General Moving Center Console Vents
  167. General 5 lug hub and rotor conversion?
  168. 3.0 PRV Swap Basics/Overview Question
  169. General How to modify the wings-a-loft system to allow for the addition of a manual switch?
  170. General Sewing my own seats...or at least attempting to.
  171. Steering Wheel Center Pad - Vinyl Cover + Stainless Steel Emblem
  172. 3.0L ticking noise
  173. General Custom made LED third brake light
  174. General Matt's Custom Graphic Overlay Projects Thread - (Want Your Thoughts/Ideas!)
  175. Mechanical-to-electrical Speed Sensor for cruise/etc.
  176. General Stainless Steel Louver latch
  177. Q's about Stage II
  178. Carbon Fiber A Pillar Gauge Pod
  179. Swapping the stereo and airvents the other way around (maintaining stock operation)
  180. Retarding the timing for smog
  181. Illuminated Ashtray Audio/iPhone Panel **Split from Matt's Graphic Overlay Projects**
  182. "Black" Decal Project - VIN 500 **Split From Matt's Graphic Overlay Projects**
  183. General Oxygen sensor problem?
  184. General Has anyone ever painted their headlight trim rings black? Photos?
  185. General What does your modified luggage compartment look like?
  186. General Deleting cat cause issues?
  187. Need help choosing the right exhaust system for me.
  188. General Air intake mesh modification
  189. my 3.0 with stock eagle ecm project
  190. Vortec Conversion
  191. Not for plutonium, but may be helpful anyway
  192. Works for me
  193. General Custom Engine Upgrade
  194. HEI ignition conversion
  195. Caddy alternator install
  196. Fuel Pump Rain cap/boot
  197. Fitting a $10 Remote Key Control to the Delorean
  198. General How to remove the MOMO steering wheel adapter?
  199. General Bleeding Nipple.
  200. General Installing an LED Dimmer for Instrument Panel Illumination - Rheostat Replacement
  201. General Considering converting to a heated narrow band O2 sensor
  202. Antenna hole...
  203. General Courtesy light switch enhancement
  204. General DMC 6419 interior rebuild album
  205. General Wideband Tuning
  206. General Engine compartment light
  207. General New Aluminum Seatbacks
  208. Japanese Anime DeLorean
  209. EFI Coil on plugs
  210. Wings-A-Loft Ground Wire Question for Basic Remote Door Launcher System
  211. General Flux Capacitor Storage Compartment Doors
  212. Lets put a diesel in a D
  213. General Dedicated fuel pump circuit.
  214. General DeLorean Spoiler/Wing
  215. General Pls hlp. just bought a delorean look for some answers
  216. Delorean Dream mods
  217. General Building New AC Panel Faceplate
  218. New Project - Supercharger
  219. figured out a mod/engine swap im going to do for 10186
  220. General Delorean Hovercraft
  221. A/C compressor pulley/clutch
  222. sunbeam headlights.
  223. Alarm install question, to get parking lights to flash with DMCH Switch
  224. General Another lower control arm prototype (w/pic)
  225. Wheel stud specifications.
  226. Temp sensor
  227. General turbo diesel delorean?
  228. Rear shocks from the cross over list
  229. MP3 adapter for Delorean radios
  230. General question: hub-mounted speed sensor?
  231. Alternative support buffers for louvres
  232. Throttle cable
  233. General Official Double-Din Frame Face Plate
  234. General Official Double-Din Frame Face Plate
  235. Completed installation of the Dimmable LED instrument panel illumination
  236. General Deloreans with rear deck spoilers installed photos thread.
  237. Cigar Lighter amperage/fuse
  238. Hot and warm start issues...
  239. SS doorsills
  240. General Performance Mods
  241. General Knockoff Momo custom center inserts
  242. Post up your engine mods...
  243. LED Headlights
  244. Porsche 911 / 997 exhaust on a Delorean?
  245. Stainless steel shift knobs - polished or brushed
  246. LED door and side marker lights
  247. General Engine Cover Latch Modification
  248. Flowmaster 80
  249. LED battery light?
  250. General DMC-CA Kick Panel / Foot Well Speaker Enclosures