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09-07-2015, 12:33 PM
Hello again to all who love stainless!

This is just a reminder that since there are so many different forums that discuss our great car, it becomes easy to assume there must not be anything happening if you are not covering all possible channels of communication. Meanwhile, lots of people later ask, how come they were unaware of an event that happened nearby where at least ten cars showed up?

I find it appropriate to get onto some of the forums once to re-mention this, and that until a better solution may be had, the most universal Google result is the website of the Southern California DeLorean Club at www.socaldeloreans.org.

Please submit any information you would like to see mentioned to the email address [email protected], and one of three very tired and abused persons will make sure it gets routed, usually through a privately managed and secure email blast.

So far this year, we've had over 12 events that were very well attended and enjoyed.

I can tell everybody right now the 30th anniversary of Back-to-the-Future is causing chaos in the web department, and we are not sure how to handle it all.

Let me also mention I am personally getting requests at a rate of one per day for owners to show their cars at parties, corporate events, or filming. If you would like to fill any of these spots, we need to know of your interest. All of them are fun, and you get to meet a lot interesting people. In a few cases, you could make a lot of money!

Again, post where you feel appropriate, but always check www.socaldeloreans.org.

Ronald Ferguson
(Head Stuckee of the Southern California DeLorean Club)

04-23-2016, 10:58 PM
Hey Ron,
I always interested in providing my car for events, parties and filming. You can pm me or go to my site http://deloreanforhire.com


04-26-2017, 12:05 AM
I think this bears repeating…
DeLorean is the honored marque for this year’s 52nd Annual Fallbrook Vintage Car Show of 500+ Vintage and collectible cars.
So far, there are only 2 DeLoreans registered for the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club 52nd Annual Car Show at Pala Mesa Resort On May 28. We need more than 2! We would like around 10, including stock, modified and at least one BTTF car.
Please register at Fallbrookvintagecarclub.org. (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2FFallbrookvintagecarclub.org%2 F&h=ATOoOsguy92L8sYmE6Nu_NNxm30wvqCpa6qE5p7smwdaTtOX pBbK1CLlqNCqjqd1-tNo40pE-rh_74VMW73kh8-Or2Kv6is2jSjUyVpx83hfIIS-vHqV6IlkDlfZKchWnf8vfuTMPtZFVvRr7kq2YoMkeQtp0Yta&enc=AZPLFfqUn5VDBKiEoUzzpRGaarZK6Q87hL6fDQRCRHm1ad-YYdhAlKGQIJ0WrqDnv2jcVTz1LCuFqKhYPRIsvXB-C8GbcSXtHwQNxWWeJEBKIBFj4uUUzsJJpBujpi5lifCoIQV_Sv E-OdvdhY8RBpB2dL283QGOWa0HvSD_1pTbTnPbA0LcWM3d8K6Wbr MgBRjcEEwNyQZdBpmRieCGyEdG&s=1)

This is the show that used to be held at either Fallbrook High School or Potter Middle School… that is no longer the case. For the last three years the Fallbrook Vintage Car Show has been held on the fairways of Pala Mesa Country Club on Old Hwy 395 (paralleling Interstate-15).

This is not a Concours d’Elegance sort of show… it’s a car show for people who love cars… from old brass-era horseless carriages to modern classics … like DeLoreans!

Contrary to the car placement notice on the registration form, DeLoreans will be placed together at the front of the show field as the honored marque.