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Rich W
06-07-2019, 07:00 PM
June 7, 2019 is the World Premiere of the Documentary, Framing John DeLorean.

For most of us, this is stating the obvious, but a huge thanks goes out to Tamir
from the entire DeLorean community for his perseverance to get a JZD movie made.
Tamir Ardon had a dream and vision to put together a documentary on the exciting
and complex life of John Z. DeLorean and after nearly two decades, Tamir's dream
has become a reality, compressed into 109 minutes. It's been a crazy ride.

For those of you who know Tamir or may only know Tamir from his DeLorean website
and DMCTalk, you know Tamir has a deep interest in all things DeLorean. While
there are not too many true DeLorean Historians as young as Tamir, there are few
DeLorean Historians that have researched and spoken to as many DeLorean family
members, friends, colleagues, acquaintances (and some enemies) of JZD, as Tamir.

Tamir has taken all his research and all his interviews, and has interspersed it
with scripted scenes that depict many of the "life events" of JZD and the DeLorean
Company, detailing how these events impacted JZD and those around him, throughout
his life. JZD was a complex man, who lead a complex life, filled with both dreams
and nightmares; a man who seemed to have it all, and then nearly lost it all.

JZD often appeared larger than life and we have known for decades that his life was
lived so much like a movie, that his life should be made into a movie. While there
may be something for every DeLorean fan and enthusiast in Tamir's documentary, it
is by no means a "fluff piece" on John, and some diehard JZD fans may even hate it.
Like many powerful men, they will have good and bad traits, and opinions will vary.

Thanks again to DMCTalk Member of the Year - Tamir.

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06-08-2019, 12:21 PM
Tamir and everyone else involved in the production - well done. Viewed the film last night and it was well executed. Great to see Proto 1 as I had the opportunity to view it here in Florida while under the care of Tony.