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Mike C.
01-19-2012, 10:43 PM
"For Sale/Wanted" Section Rules

Please Read The Stickys For The Sub-Section You Want To Post In

Please Read (http://dmctalk.org/showthread.php?371-Please-read-before-posting-%93I-want-a-cheap-DeLorean%94-or-%93Project-Car-Wanted%94-threads) Before Posting I Want A Cheap DeLorean Or Project Thread

1. Items posted for sale in any section must be for items you personally own. Do not post ads for parts or cars you saw for sale online somewhere, including ebay ads that are not yours. These threads will be deleted.

2. All posts must include the following:
a. Price
b. Item's location (city, state or country *if located outside the US*)
c. Seller's Contact Information

3. A person may sell their item for whatever price they want. Please do not make any comments about their asking price being too high. If no one buys it, the seller can lower their price.

4. Persons wishing to sell items on DMCTalk.org MUST have a minimum of 20 posts (not including replies such as "lol", smilies, etc.) If you are not a member of this community, we would like to know you a little bit before you try selling items through DMCTalk.org. If you must sell an item earlier, please contact one of the Administrators.

5. If you are posting parts for someone else, you are responsible for the transaction. Make sure you really want to be the middle-man in the transaction.

6. DMCTalk.org, it's owners, administrators, moderators, etc. are NOT responsible for the items sold, or the transactions. We basically provide advertising space, that's it. No guarantees, warranties, etc. stated or implied.

7. Once an item has been labeled as SOLD, the thread will be locked so it can not be revived. If you wish to look up an old item, please use the "Search Forum" feature (Google Advanced For Sale (https://www.google.com/advanced_search?&as_epq=For+Sale&as_sitesearch=dmctalk.org) or Wanted (https://www.google.com/advanced_search?&as_epq=Wanted&as_sitesearch=dmctalk.org) may include include archived information.) .

8. Members: STOP posting remarks like "free bump,good guy or good item”. If you are NOT going to purchase the items listed. Remarks like "you can get it cheaper at so and so place" are NOT allowed.

For Sale- Do not post a question or remark if you do not intend to buy the item.
Wanted- Do not post a question or remark if you do not intend to sell an item.

9. An item may be bumped by the seller every 10 days.

10. If you have a question about an item you have purchased (such as for shipping), please contact the SELLER VIA PM OR EMAIL. Do NOT start a thread inquiring where your item is.

11. Any seller scamming, or attempting to scam members of DMCTalk.org will be banned immediately.

12. Vendors offering items for sale may do so; however you may NOT counter offer a similar product or item in a competitor's thread. You may start your own thread and offer your bottom line price. Bidding wars will be deleted. You may do bidding on parts and services via PM.

13. When items are sold (or become unavailable), PLEASE state so in the thread.

14. Click bait ads will be deleted. Any ads with no description and picture of item for sale, that contain a link to another website for users to navigate through, may be deleted at any time. Users usually don't appreciate going to a website to look for an item, only to be navigated to another page.