View Full Version : PO search for 3205

02-24-2012, 06:37 PM
I'm trying to trace my cars lineage back as far as possible. I know who my PO was, but I'm looking for the PPO and the PPPO. Tall order I know! As far as I know, I am the cars 4th owner.

I bit the bullet and ordered the original owner certificate from the DeLorean Museum. IIRC, the car was originally sold in Nebraska (original owner/1st owner).

If I'm correct, the second owner was Chuck Dunigan. According to the 3rd owner Gene Rodgers, he purchased the car off Dunigan who owned it for 15-20 years. After I googled his name, there is a Chuck Dunigan who owns a tree farm in Steamboat Springs, which would make perfect sense. Anyone familiar with him? I'm kinda hoping that some long time owners from Colorado might have known each other.

Figured it would be worth a shot.

03-12-2012, 03:40 PM
I picked up my "Buyer Information" package from the DeLorean Museum today.

I learned the original owner was a gentlemen named Virgil L. Schafer. Of course you also learn his address, the original dealership as well as it's number, address, city, state etc etc.

I did some research on the gentlemen. I thought it would be cool to connect and ask him about it, send him some pics of the car as it exists today, stuff like that. Sadly, my research brought up a number or obituaries. He passed away recently in December, 2011. I missed him by only a few months.

I now know 3205's complete lineage, all 3 previous owners, their locations and approximately how long they had the car.

If you're curious, I highly suggest purchasing your VIN's historical documents. It's cool to have and it can help fill in the gaps of your cars history if you're into that sort of thing. Who knows, you might learn some cool stories too!