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  1. DeLorean 40th Anniversary Event at the Woodward Dream Cruise August 21, 2021

    With today marking the re-opening of the State of Michigan (with no restrictions), it seems like a great time
    to announce the DeLorean 40th Anniversary at the Woodward Dream Cruise 2021 on August...
  2. Closer to Contract Ready, but not finalized yet ...

    Updates ...

    I had several productive meetings this week, including a lot of progress toward finalizing
    the contracts, however the contract meeting was only yesterday, and I only received the...
  3. VIP Guest Announcement

    Well, it's Friday, June 11 and Illinois has finally entered Phase 5 for Re-Opening.

    First, some event logistics details, followed by details on one of our VIP Guests.

    Most restrictions have...
  4. Sounds like JavaRacer has had plenty of Java...

    Sounds like JavaRacer has had plenty of Java today. LOL

    As many of you know, from past events, that it takes months to plan an event
    and although this event is not quite finalized yet, we decided...
  5. The short answer … No, there will be No...

    The short answer … No, there will be No Vaccination Requirement to attend the DeLorean 40th Birthday Bash.

    The long answer … there are a number of DeLorean enthusiasts that I have corresponded...
  6. DeLorean 40th Birthday Bash - Save the Dates - Aug. 12-15, 2021

    Yes, its a bit ironic to announce the DeLorean 40th Birthday Bash on the original date
    for the start of postponed EuroFest 2021, but any good announcement is good news.

    I think we will finally...
  7. DeLoreans at BTTF Screening at McHenry Outdoor Theater - May 7 & May 8, 2021

    DeLorean owners, fans and enthusiasts (and BTTF Fans, of course),

    One of the first outdoor screenings of BTTF for 2021 will be at the McHenry Outdoor Theater on May 7th and 8th.
    The Club has...
  8. Thanks for the info Andy. Like many shows this...

    Thanks for the info Andy. Like many shows this Summer, the event sounds like it will be more free-form and less structured.

    It's been a few years since I did this event, but it falls on my...
  9. RIP - Howard Weitzman - former attorney for JZD - dies at 81

    RIP - Mr. Weitzman
  10. RIP - Mike Knepper - former Director of PR for DMC

    Michael Knepper passed away on January 12, 2021 at age 77.

    Posted this weekend:

    RIP Mike.
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    Re: RIP - DMC VIP - John Lamm

    I received news late Monday night that DMC VIP and author of Stainless Steel Illusion, John Lamm passed away.

    I was honored to meet and speak with John Lamm a few times, and I was very glad John...
  13. Re: RIP - Ron Cobb - BTTF DeLorean Time Travel Consultant

    I received this note from Bob Gale this morning. Passing it along to the DeLorean and BTTF Communities:

    I received an email from Ron's wife Robin this morning that Ron is no longer with us. ...
  14. DeLorean at Blockbuster in Bend, OR

    Same place.

    Check out the parking out front.
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    Another video mini recap of DCS 2018

    Thanks again to David Proehl for his video Recap in late 2018
  16. If you waited too long to attend DCS, you may...

    If you waited too long to attend DCS, you may need to make your own event. Good Luck with DLG.
  17. Flashback to DCS 2018

    Some short video clips from DCS 2018, in case you need a DCS fix ...

    Check back over the next few weeks for some possible video...
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    Flashback to DCS 2018

    For those of you that need a little DCS fix in the year of COVID-19 ...

    If some extra spare time materializes in the next few...
  19. DCS 2020 has been officially cancelled

    Well, its June 1st, and instead of things getting better, some things have gotten worse.

    I will elaborate later, but, in short, for a variety of reasons, DCS 2020 has been cancelled.

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    Sticky: RIP Don Steger - God Speed (Video Tribute)

    Thanks to Jordan Livingston for putting this video tribute together so quickly.

    RIP Don Steger - God Speed:

    In case link does not appear, assemble: https: ...
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    Sticky: [General] One Year and counting ...

    One Year Anniversary of the debut of Framing John DeLorean at Tribeca.

    After the past few months, it feels like a lifetime ago (or like yesterday).

    Congratulations again, for making your...
  22. DaraSue and others, Yes, instead of volunteer...

    DaraSue and others,

    Yes, instead of volunteer interns, were are currently quoting “contractors” for camera-persons and archiving
    of all the presentations and Q&A sessions, but not the movie...
  23. DCS 2020 may still be "Virtually Possible"

    DeLorean owners, fans and enthusiasts,

    May 1st is upon us, and although much of the U.S. is still on "stay at home" or "shutdown", many of us
    want to know if there will be a DCS 2020 this year...
  24. There are events that will need to be considered...

    There are events that will need to be considered for DCS to postpone (long term) in 2020 or 2021.

    Unless changed or cancelled, the DMCH Open House is October 16-18, 2020. DCS 2020 will not...
  25. Actually it was 3 controllers, all testing...

    Actually it was 3 controllers, all testing positive.
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