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Thread: Are you older than your car?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domi View Post
    I am just about 9 years older than my DeLorean (1982)
    I've got 18 years on my car. I graduated from high school in 1983, the same year as my car. I tell people that the car was new and cutting edge, back when I thought I was cutting edge.
    Everytime I open the garage door, my car costs me a roll of toonies.

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    I was thirteen years old when my DeLorean was made.
    What I find funny / strange when people I donít know ask me if I bought my DeLorean when it was brand new. I have to explain, "No I couldnít afford a new DeLorean in 1981 since I was only thirteen years old".
    Mark Vanyo
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    I am about 6 years older than my car. My car is 8 months older than my wife!

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    I am 2.5 years older.....mine was built in Oct 81 and I am a March of 79 baby.

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    That's funny because for a while I wanted to find an 83, that's my year too.

    My Oct 81 VIN has about a year and a half on me. I would have been a fool to pass it up.

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    I have one year on my car. I also get the question "did you buy it new?" If so, I was a well off one year old...
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    I was 8 when my DeLorean rolled of the manufacturing floor. And that was still about 5-6 years before I saw one of its brothers in the movie we all know (watched it on a VIDEO2000 recorder at a friends house...good ol' times)
    - Volker Seidel -

    The way I see it, if you're gonna drive around in a car, why not do it with some style?

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    Older than your DeLorean

    While I am very pleased to see a younger generation taking an interest in the DeLorean, I am not too sure about the "leading the charge" comment. I put between 70 & 80,000 miles on my first (6530) and am now pushing 150,000 on 16867. So, just maybe, Jacko, the Holler's and I (and some others) are leading the charge and you youngsters are trying to catch up. Oh, and my 83 has a build in late 82 which is the year of life I will be entering next week. So I guess that makes me just about 50 years older than my car.

    FWIW, in 16867 I have done both an 1800 mile trip and a 2000 mile trip in 2014 and I now have a 4,000 mile trip planned for this fall.

    Dick Ryan, The Rad Dad

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    thats rad dad

    Was wondering when Dick was going to step in and grab the trophy....

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    There should be a trophy for the OLDEST and LONGEST owner of their D's.

    That would be Jacko right?
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