I realize this is a long shot but....

I had volunteered to have my car on display at a Boy Scout event in North Wales PA on October 11th. But it turns out I'm going to be out of town that day. So I'm wondering if there is anyone else who could help these people out.

The information I have on the event is...

The event is called Cub-o-ree which is an annual event put on by the General Nash District of the Cradle Of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts Of America. It is a round robin event with multiple stations which are used to demonstrate some of the skills and fun that can be found in scouting when you move up into Boy Scouts from Cub Scouts. This is a themed event which this year is "The Future". My troop (610) would like to use the Delorean as a prop in a "Back to The Future" game in which you can win a DeLorean, which in this case is a match box model. No one will be allowed in or too close to the car and an adult will be posted to make sure of that. The only address I have is 1 Parkside Place, North Wales, PA. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Joe Flury
Contact Joe Flury 215-603-1893
Kieth Foy 215-896-2738


- Jason