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Thread: Electric DeLorean

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_maxime View Post
    I was certain you told me about the LS1 swap adding about 100lbs a while back.

    Ive got a leaf motor and inverter which weigh 180lbs and 30lbs respectively. the batteries, which I don't have yet, will weigh about 400lbs for a total weight of 610lbs. I think I read the prv and un1 weigh about 700lbs when I was reading on how to pull them out. That roughly works out with gotgrahams car being 100lbs lighter than stock using the leaf motor and batteries.
    Yeah I'll confirm the full EV conversion is a good 100 lbs lighter than the PRV setup.

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    Sorry if I've missed it, but was there ever any prices listed in this thread? How much is a newly assembled, engine-less Delorean from Houston? How much is a conversion from EV West? I'd love to know!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMC5180 View Post
    Apparently someone else has ambitions of taking on a EV conversion using a model 3 Drivetrain.
    Oh hey, that's me

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    Maybe I missed it, but how are you doing the heating jn this car? I know ev west sells an electric heater but I don't know if it'll fit.

    I plan on adding seat warmers in my car since it's the most efficient method of warming up, but I still need something to defrost the windshield

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    Wow, time flies.

    Any update on the build? Looks like it's been almost 18 months since the last update. I haven't seen the DeLorean in any recent videos from EV West - maybe it's done?

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