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Thread: MD/DC/VA/PA owners... looking for help

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    MD/DC/VA/PA owners... looking for help


    I am looking for a local owner willing to let me sit in their car to see how well I fit. I've LOVED these cars for quite some time and its been a while since I've sat in one. I'll be in the market hopefully within the next year and would like to see if its feasible for me.

    I'm located in Baltimore, MD (Reisterstown actually but work by BWI airport) and am willing to travel to you. I'll even buy us lunch so we can chat if it sweetens the deal.

    Looking forward to finally becoming an official part of this wonderful community.

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    I'm sure there are closer owners than I but if you can not find one, your welcome to view, sit and ride in my D.

    I'm about a two hour drive south of Baltimore.
    Dave M vin 03572

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    If you want to see a few together and don't mind traveling to NC, you are welcome to attend a tech session next month. I expect around ten cars and there could be one for sale.

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