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Thread: ground effects kits

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    Quote Originally Posted by er1c View Post
    I have just re-discovered these after seeing this picture.

    Loving the metallic look here. Are they still available anywhere ? most of the links I have tried end up dead now.
    A few of the DMC vendors used to stock these, there must be a mould for them somewhere, might be worth a quick email to see if they would run a set off. I can't imagine they were a big seller and they must be a fairly reasonable sized fibre-glassing job, so not cheap.

    I'm sure PJ Grady used to stock them some time back.

    Worth a quick email.


    p.s. the silver/metalic version in your photo was painted silver by the owner.
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    Originally DMCH was making these but they were expensive and demand was low. After some time, I think Rob Grady bought the molds - try contacting him. These came just as fiberglass pieces that need fit/finish/desired paint.
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