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Thread: Took ET to the Dr today...

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    Took ET to the Dr today...

    My space travelling, time trippin ET buddy has been through Dui checkpoints which were a blast but today he went along to my pain Dr.
    Just a word of advice... When you go to your pain Doc in a Delorean with ET onboard you are going to have your unexpected urine test
    Joke em if they cant, well in this case my Doc said he needed a laugh. Once you check in you go back to your car and the nurse comes out and checks you vitals. I told her I WASN'T the patient, HE WAS.
    She didn't even notice ET. Anyways with summer quickly coming I park the D and only drive it below 90 or cloudy so I am taking her out more than usual..
    Hope someone gets a kick out it.
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    The face mask was a nice touch. Maybe a name badge on it saying PAUL.
    David Teitelbaum

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