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Thread: Dash Pads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan King View Post
    Too long.
    There were gaps between the A-Pillars. It was wavy. Depending on the light, you could see where the studs were on the underside. It was just overall trash.
    Luckily for me, a friend of mine gave me his original dash board, mostly free of cracks, aside for a hairline crack by the glove box lid. I installed that right quick and bought a dash mat...which leads me to....

    Agreed. This is who I bought mine from. I LOVE it. I used to despise Dashmats. This one, however, I love. I went with the "Suede Dash" version. No regrets.

    Attachment 41343Attachment 41344
    For anyone thinking of a dashmat.

    They have some good discounts plus I found a discount code for free shipping. CKSU-FQRS It saved me $24.30.

    Dave B.

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    Installed a dashmat. Not too bad of a fit over all. I'm definitely digging it.

    Dave B.

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    Does anyone have a photo of a black dash that's been refinished by JustDashes? I'm going to send mine out over this next winter / off season, don't really care how much it costs as long as it's perfect and looks OEM. How do they handle the VIN plate?
    Andy Lien

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