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Thread: Carb conversion vs K-Jet ???? Is it Worth going Carbs:????

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    I have to giggle whenever I see the word 'performance' regarding DMCs.

    My engine twists my frame.

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    For what it's worth, I have a D where the previous owner had let bad gas fester in there (2 - 5 year old gas), and worse ran the engine with that gas in, so the whole fuel system was a mess.

    If you have a fuel system problem, I think the carb option is at the very least the *cheapest* option. You can do carb for about the price of a rebuilt fuel distributor + new fuel pump + new K-Jet injectors, which is sort of the very minimum of what you'll need to fix your K-Jet. You'll probably need new fuel injector lines, maybe a new cold start. Oh, and the fuel accumulator -- replacing that is a special nightmare of an ordeal in addition to being an additional expense.

    I spent all the money on K-Jet and still couldn't get it to work Some kind of pressure problem, still, and now there's some $250.00 tool I need to get to diagnose it. Starting to feel like good money after bad at this point ...

    And yeah, I'm a novice, arguably in over my head, and there are people on this board who could probably fix my car. BUT... it's my car and I have to deal with it, not theirs. The carb setup is simple enough that I can understand it, cheap enough that I don't feel like I'm throwing good money after bad, and I bought my setup from Bill who has been really great about support and answering questions.

    So in the end, I think it was the right decision *for me*.

    For you? If your D doesn't have fuel problems, I'd say don't worry about it. If your D does have fuel problems, then carb is a valid route to getting it to work and I'm hoping to get my car running shortly. (... sadly, my conversion has been slowed down by life and *other* problems I've found like coolant in my valley. Argh!)

    .... Edit .....
    OH -- and EFI. I considered that, too, but damn is that expensive! With my own careful study, I decided EFI seemed like it was going to be complex, difficult to tune, super expensive and entirely over my head. It wasn't the right thing for me. I think its another valid route if you have the confidence you can deal with the extra complexity
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    I drove Bill Robertson's carbed 5-speed and a stock 5-speed on the same day. Bill's car felt like it had a lot more horsepower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_NYS View Post
    I drove Bill Robertson's carbed 5-speed and a stock 5-speed on the same day. Bill's car felt like it had a lot more horsepower.
    I had another owner drive my car (stick with the Peugeot 604 and Autolite/motorcraft 2100 carb) and he claimed it was the fastest non- turbo Delorean he had ever driven- sure does get out of its own way quickly

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    Increased horsepower? Dyno graphs please.
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    If you adjust the mixture richer you will get more power.
    Dave M vin 03572

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