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Thread: Did DeLorean One ever make it?

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    Did DeLorean One ever make it?

    Noticed that there is now no linking to Delorean One. I thought it was under new management(ie. Ed sold out) which IMO keeping the name would be a big mistake considering the public opinion of that company. So did they survive? Are they under new management or are they thriving under a new name? My curiosity is only there because I'm sick there is nothing better to do.

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    Ed's old technicians, a father and son team, started Delorean Restorations in Wannetka CA. Not surprisingly they were unable to work out a deal with Ed for the parts. I also could not negotiate a deal with Ed after two futile trips west. Don Stegar had been helping Ed piece together some cars and when he became ill Millie Bernstein worked out a deal with Don to take the balance of the inventory. Delorean One is gone.

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