This an exciting year for the DMA! We are celebrating our 25th anniversary and honoring one of the largest, most active clubs in the DeLorean community.

To commemorate this special occasion, we want to make a video of our current and past members and we’d love to include you. We want to hear how the DMA has impacted your life (for better or worse!) and share it at this year’s spring social.

Here are some examples:
• How long have you been a member of the DMA?
• Why did you join the DMA?
• What do you enjoy about the DMA?
• What has been your favorite memory at a DMA event?

“But I don’t know what to say!”
We’re not looking for a formal speech, but you’re still welcome to thank the academy. A short :30-:60 second video introducing yourself will work as well. We want to showcase the members of the DMA. The club would not have been successful for 25 years without the heart and soul of the people who are a part of it!

"But I’m not a professional videographer"
Don’t quit your day job! We’re not looking for anything fancy. Selfie videos from your camera phone will work fine. (but please film in landscape mode!)

“But I’m camera shy!”
No worries, none of us are celebrities! If you’d prefer to film your beautiful car or send us a quote, we’ll accept that as well.

Please submit your entry to before April 7th and reach out to Tiffany Olejnik if you have any questions.


Tiffany Olejnik
DeLorean Mid-Atlantic Club