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Thread: DeLorean Census

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    DeLorean Census

    The DeLorean Census - - is an ongoing project by a group of DeLorean owners who hope to find out just how many cars have survived since 1981, and to help the community connect with clubs and owners around the world.

    Since the DeLorean was first sold, the cars have moved around the globe. They’ve been wrecked in accidents. They’ve been parted out for other DeLoreans. They’ve melted in fires. They’ve moved to museums, and they’ve been forgotten in storage. The purpose of the DeLorean Census is to determine what has happened to our beloved car, and to help the DeLorean community keep track of which ones are left.

    We’re asking all DeLorean Clubs, owners, and fans around the world to share this Census call on their social media, in their newsletters, on their websites, and during their meetings. The DeLorean Census data will always be available online, for free, and will never be sold. Some information will be optional, and contributors can choose to keep their contact information private.

    Please email [email protected] with questions, ideas, or comments, or if you want to share many photos of a submitted VIN.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Unless you guys are offering something different, this has already been going on for years. Click a vin range at the bottom of the page or enter your own vin, check out stats, etc:
    -----Dan B.

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    I'll agree with Dan on it being more or less already in place... and that I'm not sure I'm super comfortable with that amount of information on me or my car being kept somewhere. IT security, hackers, etc.

    I am okay with all of us trying to track down where all the cars are or were, but some of the info boxes you're asking for don't seem necessary to me. Not to mention that a fair bit of that info could be filled in without the car owner's consent, by certain DeLorean fans we have out there that are a bit on the fanatical side.

    I won't be filling one in for my own car and don't feel it's appropriate for someone else to go filling it in on my behalf either.

    Sept. 81, auto, black interior

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    Good lord that's a lot of info boxes!! Do you really need to know if I park my car in a garage or in a carport?? Or what type of registration stickers I have? This seems a bit excessive and borderline invasive. I'm not sure I'm ready to fill all my information into this either. Especially since it's not quite clear who is controlling the information and what it's all for.

    As the two above stated, it's probably best to start by collaborating with the folks that have been doing this for years rather than take this on from scratch.

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    You can calculate the full vin from the last 5 digits. Boom! One less field.

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    In order to find out how many cars survived you will need to know how many people responded to your census AND how many people did not(that's the hard one). I think I answered more questions on my last home re-fi, so I'm betting the number that choose not to respond it pretty high.

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    I agree with the others. The VIN registry has been ongoing for over 20 years. There is so much info there that has been accumulated from old factory records, original sales info, and new information added as well. No reason to reinvent the wheel, just try to add info to the current system as you find it.

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    I guess it's just me, but I have always hated these Damn Vin trackers and the effort to find out everyone's Vin and where they live. I have always found it intrusive. It's a car, someone either owns it or they don't.
    Soundkillr was here.

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    Im making a registry for everyone that wants a Delorean but doesn't have one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    Im making a registry for everyone that wants a Delorean but doesn't have one.
    Don't forget to make two more. One for owners that want a second DeLorean and, one for owners that Own more than one.
    (You need to cover all bases)...

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