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Thread: Rob van der Veer - RIP

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    Rob van der Veer - RIP

    For some of you long time owners, you'll remember Rob from The Netherlands as being very active on the .com site. He has been battling cancer for several years recently and, according to a post on his FB page, he has taken control for one last time and chosen to pass on, on his terms

    Rob's losing the fight. We were able to say goodbye to Rob. He has chosen to control and remain the boss. Stubborn and bold he has chosen deep sleep after a long time at home and with his parents. He enjoyed both the peace and the warmth.

    Unfortunately I never met him in person, but I had many the internet chat with him. A couple of years ago he took a bad turn and many members here sent him cards

    He was a great tinkerer and came up with a replacement clock and key fobs for our cars

    RIP, Rob, you'll be missed
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    He will be missed greatly. I always loved his comments on the forums and face book. RIP
    Dave M vin 03572

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    RIP Rob. My thoughts go out to his parents and loved ones.

    I bought one of his clocks back in the day, and kept his email with the instruction attachment pending for when I finally got around to installing it.


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    This is a very sad news. The community has lost a good man.
    Rest in peace Rob

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    I also bought one of his clocks... Never installed it either LOL.
    When I saw that he died the other day it really got to me though I never met him in person... Just a couple e-mail exchanges over the clock.

    Cheers to Rob.
    Steven Maguire

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    That is a sad story. I had no idea. I offer my condolences to his family and friends.

    Rest in peace Rob.

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    Rob was one of the best people I've ever "met" -- in quotes because I sadly never met him in person. But we connected in many ways. I enjoyed discussing electronics, music, and food with him, as well as DeLoreans.

    It seems the best always leave us too soon. Enjoy the time you have. It's gone before you know it.
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    This is very sad news to say the least.

    Rob was a great person to the community and this forum. I wish I had more opportunities to travel abroad and would have been able to meet him in person.

    My sincerest condolences to his family, friends, and everyone that knew him.

    One of's original admins

    Mainly lurking, just passing through. Still enjoying reading about everyone's progress.

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