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Thread: Driven (DeLorean Movie) *Merged*

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    Driven (DeLorean Movie) *Merged*

    So this image has been floating around the internet for the last couple of weeks already, but what looks like the first official synopsis has been revealed:

    Synopsis: California ‘77: playground of the rich and famous, sun-soaked, sex-crazed and powered by shitloads of Colombian snow.

    Leading the parade: maverick auto-designer John DeLorean (Lee Pace), high-risk gambler and corporate vampire. Blinded by ambition, even if that means selling his soul, DeLorean will stop at nothing to design the ultimate car of the future, a sports car with wings.

    On the outside looking in: DeLorean’s neighbor Jim Hoffman (Jason Sudekis), barely supporting his family while living high-end on the pay of a low-end bullshit artist. Enticed into DeLorean’s inner circle, Jim soon discovers the playboy entrepreneur’s life is on the brink of collapse.

    When busted by the feds with a planeload of drugs, Jim’s turned snitch by Special Agent Benedict Tisa (Timothy Olyphant). His ultimatum: deliver the head of John DeLorean.
    The true-life sting operation and lurid celebrity scandal, Driven is a turbo-charged tale of ambition, entrapment and betrayal.

    "High-risk gambler, corporate vampire." JZD had his faults, but this sounds absolutely horrendous.

    As I expected, because this film is not officially sanctioned by the DeLorean estate, they got away with making this movie by using Jim Hoffman as the main character, and JZD as a supporting character. It's about the FBI and Hoffman, and a story that's pretty much public domain.

    So there you have it, the first real big DeLorean movie, with a storyline that more than likely views JZD (and our cars) in a negative light.
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    This will not go straight to video, it will go straight to YouTube.

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    I'm looking forward to seeing a trailer for this. It'll give us a better idea of the tone and how they'll be presenting JZD. I'm optimistic about it and hoping it'll get a theatrical release. But more importantly, regardless of distribution, I just hope it's great. The whole true story behind it is too good to be wasted on a crappy film. In any case, this year is gearing up to be pretty DeLorean-heavy in terms of movies. We got Ready Player One coming out next month, this long-awaited movie Driven, Tamir's JZD documentary, Seth Rogen is even directing a movie right now set in the 80s, which will also have a DeLorean in it.

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    Well, it's coming to a theater near you.

    If "near you" happens to be Venice Italy, during the Venice International Film Festival in the first week of September

    (and then a worldwide release)
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    It's odd that there is no trailer for this film when it's premiering in a month.
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    This isn't unusual, as this is a festival premiere. This film has yet to even secure domestic distribution - FYI. Trailers are usually only released when a distributor is on board and there is a clear timeline for distribution, assuming they actually secure a distributor willing to release the film in the theatres.

    My film has full worldwide distribution in place through IFC Films and Universal Studios, and will be released theatrically. More details to come in the future regarding release plans, etc. For those attending DCS, there will be a sneak peek at the film and some very cool bonus/deleted scenes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Totally 80s View Post
    It's odd that there is no trailer for this film when it's premiering in a month.
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    Can't wait to see it!

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    Ugh. This looks like a complete turd sandwich.

    Cue the idiots at the gas station claiming they know the REAL story of John DeLorean because they watched this.

    And the youtube screen shot makes it look it's a trailer for the 40 year old virgin, but with mustache.

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