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Thread: Hissem time machine is now carbureted

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    Hissem time machine is now carbureted

    The Hissem time machine is now carbureted. It was a slow and studied out decision. The time was right when I had to do a head gasket change and ended up taking the engine out and doing an engine overhaul. I have taken the fuel system apart before to do change the distributor cap and wires. At a later time I switched out the water pump and cleaned out the valley. Now that I had to take the heads off and switch out the liner gaskets, made it a convenient time to try out carbureting it. I did have to make my own air intake manifold. I also decided to go with a Holley 2300 double barrel 350 CFM manual choke. I wanted the manual choke due to the extreme seasonal temperatures in Wisconsin. I don't drive it with the salt, but it can be cold in the morning and real warm in the afternoon.

    Anyways, my car is an automatic, so I had to make my own kickdown switch. The Holley throttle and transmission parts are set up for a front mounted engine, so the transmission cable would have to be pulled from a different attachment point. I mounted a small moment switch that would be pushed once at the full open position. I went through all the wiring harnesses that I unplugged and only seven wires were what I needed to replace. I made individual wire plugs that fit over the pins in the original bulkhead plugs.

    I used a short bicycle cable and liner in place of the stock transmission shifting cable. I made a simple holding bracket that fits to the governor shifter and the other end goes to the carb.

    I wanted to make the air intake manifold that sat high enough to view the valley and have access to the coolant hose clamps. I also wanted there to be plenty of room for the air and gas to mix thoroughly. I wasn't sure how well it would work or not, so it was a big guess all around.

    I used the typical electric fuel pump. I also took out the RPM relay and plugged in a wire that triggers the fuel pump when I turn the key.
    I use a fuel pressure regulator and gauge before the gas goes into the carb.

    In the process of taking the engine out, I realized that the passenger side engine mount broke off. The engine was sitting slightly lopsided for several years and resting on the starter motor. When I had the oil pan and heads off, I TIG welded the broken part on and added more aluminum to reinforce it and sealed it to be water tight.

    I have been driving the car with awesome performance. It seems to have almost twice the acceleration. The shifting works great also. The manual choke has proven worth it in these cold mornings to precisely run. The choke cable is plenty long and runs through the firewall and blends in with the time machine hardware. The choke knob is mounted to the right of the steering column. There was a hole there from the previous owner, so it was now useful.
    It feels like it can get up to 88 mph in half the time. I have done a full frame off restoration four years ago and have almost worked on every inch of this car. I make it my daily driver in the summer, so carbureting it was practical for my needs.
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    Congrats on the successful fuel system swap and welcome to the wonderful world of carburation! Did you look into the mechanical fuel pump option?

    Glad to see that you were able to repair the motor mount bracket. I had the same issue with one of my DeLorean engines. I made the repair in 2002 and it's still going strong.
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    Thanks, I know I might forget to mention some details. I did think about using a mechanical fuel pump, and I still might do that. I wanted to start with the electric to get the car running first. Electric fuels pumps are at every corner auto store but not the correct mechanical fuel pump. It is nice to be able to try different things with the simple set up and access to how the engine is now.

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    Awesome work especially on the custom intake manifold! I'm glad you're back up and running after all the work you've been putting in lately on your car.

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    And I thought you would never get it done..

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    Very interesting. What kind of electrical pump is it and what is the part number? Deloreans are great cars to simplify.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamHill View Post
    Very interesting. What kind of electrical pump is it and what is the part number? Deloreans are great cars to simplify.
    If you are starting from scratch, I remember Summit had AC (and other brand) pumps to match the pressure/flow requirements for any need for a regulator.

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    Nice Carb set up!

    Really nice work on the manifold and carb set up. And yes the increase in performance is real. Your manifold works great with the dual overhead cams.

    Would like to see more of these conversions. So many D owners have FI systems that have constant problems. Can't beat the simplicity of a carb.

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    carb setup

    Nice job----sounds like a sucessfull conversion----I made this same conversion several years back---mine ran great---excellent performance---easy, quick start---hot or cold---built my intake also---motorcraft 2100 carb---- my intake/ carb setup now for sale--I converted to a corvette engine. Anyone interested PM me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob635 View Post
    Your manifold works great with the dual overhead cams.

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