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Thread: Fuel pump noisy when been in traffic for over an hour

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    My cure for the buzz.

    I've since replaced my pump with a Tahoe unit and have never heard anyone with the new GM pumps complain about pump buzz from hot fuel.
    Dave M vin 03572

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    Insulation works both ways, you don't want to wrap your entire fuel tank. Just the sides is fine though. I used pipe insulation on the coolant pipes that pass around the tank, it's the kind of insulation that is similar to pool noodles. I cleaned the pipes with a brillow pad first. I didn't use insulation on the tank.


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    Anything you can do would help. One owner wrapped a coil of fuel line around the A/C accumulator to cool the fuel. A vendor used to sell a big rubber shield to direct the air from the radiator down and away from the fuel tank. Only seems to happen when it gets really hot and you are low on fuel. Even with the buzzing the car will still run and not vapor lock (the fuel can't vapor lock when it is under pressure).
    David Teitelbaum

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    My friends, I am from Puerto Rico, which is a tropical island in the Caribbean.
    On the island there are an average of 20 Deloreans and this server has worked on almost all of those cars.
    The temperature in Puerto Rico is on average 80 to 100 degrees all year round.
    Not all Deloreans develop this problem and it depends a lot on the care and maintenance that has been given to it over the years.
    I have worked with all types of fuel pump (aftermarket) for deloreans.
    and in a group of deloreans the pumps have failed miserably.
    and they have failed for a simple reason: extreme heat.
    All car manufacturers try to avoid heat sources near gas tanks.
    Any heat source that passes near the gas tank is blocked by heat shields. (aluminum, stainless, thermal fiber)
    Another reason for the problem can be found in the condition of the wiring or circuit that powers the fuel pump.

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