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Thread: New here!

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    Welcome. Follow NorcalDMC facebook for our events updates and gtg's like cars and coffee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeBronson View Post
    When I took mine to the Oakland Coliseum DMV for inspection, the inspector was a really rude old guy. He ordered me to open the hood. I asked if he wanted to see the engine. He glared at me and said, "Open. The. Hood." I opened the hood and watched it sink in before asking again, "Do you want to see the engine?"

    Hope to meet up soon.
    Ha. Even though I'm closer to the Oakland Coliseum DMV I went to the Hayward one for whatever reason. My experience there sounds like it was the opposite. Everyone loved the car and the inspection took way longer than it should have because they kept asking so many questions.

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