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Thread: 4267 moves to England

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    Big thanks to a group of local DOC members who came down the other night (in a much nicer car) to have a look over 4267. General consensus is that it's pretty good! I feel much happier about the car after having 3 owners look over it. We got it up on the jacks and had a look underneath - the belly plate isn't corroded - nor are the nuts on it sized - and apart from some general wear and tear (it's a 90k car) it seems solid.

    The fuel tank was, as feared, full of nasty petrol, and also, conveniently, missing a fuel pump.

    Chris P sorted me out with a new tank and I've ordered a new pump + hoses + fittings etc, so getting the old one out and the new bits in will be my task next week.

    I also started removing what was left of the headliners. An easy job but the amount of nasty crumbly foam you get in your eyes + mouth kind of sucks.

    The car didn't come with any door headliners so I need to replace all of it. At least them being out makes the car feel a bit cleaner and less of a grotbag project.

    In cleaning out the car, I found some interesting previous owner items:

    My t-panel area is a bit of a nightmare and I'd appreciate suggestions on it... You can see that it's off-centered, pushed too far to the right (camera left)

    But the holes/fittings suggest that it's not far *enough* to the right... The panel wasn't screwed in or attached anywhere - I did wonder why this was, I guess this explains it? Not really sure what to do about it.

    The roofbox shows no sign of corroding or separating, so it's not that... the panel was also binding on the doors, at the strut area and at the windscreen area. The struts were rubbing on the panel causing it to warp and lift, and the other owners pointed out that this was because the strut mounts are the wrong way around - the long ones are on the door and the short ones are on the body.

    That at least solves that issue (or at least it will when I get around to fixing it). The doors appear to catch the panel due to a number of things - one door's hinge is loose so the roof part of the door sits higher than it should, nipping the corner of the panel, and the other door seems to be pressed down - where the panel is closer than it should be - also causing it to rub/nip. The door/hinge issue sorts another issue, but I still can't work out why the T panel is off-centre (and why the mounting holes are even more off centre)

    The tail lamps on the car have the indicators painted red (or a deep orange, hard to tell). I'm going to strip it off to see if the original orange is still there or if they've faded white. If they have, I've got an older set of lamps that are totally melted at the rear, but the lenses are fine.

    How do you get the lamps apart to remove the lenses? Is it under the gasket or is it pressure clips?
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