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Thread: Door lights *** Moved from How To: install GPS...###

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    Great thread everyone, thank you! So I just installed my setup and the door ajar light and the door edge lights were working momentarily, I unplugged the connectors to the plungers that activate the lights for a moment and now they're not coming back on. Seems like it should be an easy fix but I'm not the most electrically/electronically savvy.

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    Anyone know when the SPEEDBOX unit goes on sale? Occasionally like at Christmas and Black Friday maybe? Regular price appears to be $476 USD plus the cost of shipping.

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    Thanks for the great writeup and video, CFI & DeLoreanTech!

    I just received a Speedbox and am in the process of installing it. If past experience holds, this 1 to 1.5 hour job should take me 3 to 5 hours over the next few days :-)

    One interesting update is that they have removed the red/black constant 12V wire in new model versions, in favor of some sort of battery or capacitor that gets charged by the red 12V accessory wire. The technician at Speedhut that I asked about this mentioned that it was intended to maintain a fix if you go into a store or something like that. I don't yet know how long it will last if the car is parked for a few hours or days outside, but I can't get GPS signal in my garage anyways so it will still need to acquire signal in those situation after being parked indoors. Anyways, one less wire to worry about!

    I was also wondering about the grommet that the lower speedometer cable goes through. Has anyone found a plug that works well here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike123 View Post
    I was also wondering about the grommet that the lower speedometer cable goes through. Has anyone found a plug that works well here?
    Have you tried McMaster-Carr?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timeless View Post
    Have you tried McMaster-Carr?
    I will definitely check there!

    I always ask before I try to fix something myself because there is so much experience here. I am super new to car work and I feel like half the time I come up with a solution I think will work, I hear some reason why it is an awful choice, will catch on fire, will cause something to rust, etc, etc. and end up doing it the wisdom-of-the-crowds way anyways.

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    I am pretty happy with the Speedbox.

    It seems to catch a GPS signal much faster than my hobby electronics (Adafruit) Back to the Future style GPS speedometer. The speedbox is also completely silent (at least up to 50mph or so) and I can't even feel anything moving inside of it. Should last a long time. And it's great to have my odometer back, since my stock fuel gauge seems to have a margin of error of about plus-or-minus 1/4 of tank.

    In terms of cons, it's a little difficult to fit in the car without getting in the way of some wiring or the frunk release. I ended up routing the cable up as high in the cavity as I could. So the speedbox cable end is pointing up and thus the wiring end is pointing down and looks a little messy with the car door open. But I think the bolt mentioned in the top post is still probably the best place to attach it.

    I also think they could have done a better job ingesting the GPS data and "smoothing" it before deciding how fast to spin the motor and the speedometer needle.

    I wish the LAMBDA light bulb could be pulled out and there was some kind of bypass you could put in its place. If that were the case, I think the Speedbox could be wired via just the Lambda service counter plug/harness as it would have an accessory 12V wire and a ground, which is all the new Speedbox needs.

    Here's some pictures of how I routed things. I used a black wire loom and the twist-tie from the (very long) GPS wire to pull the wires up and out of the way as much as I could. Hopefully the wires and cable are far enough from the frunk release that I'll never hit them by mistake when operating that.

    PXL_20240524_162624619.jpg PXL_20240524_162554441.MP.jpg
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