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Thread: Delorean Intake Carb Conversion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    I know Rich Rogers car had an intake like this when he bought it.

    not sure what he did with it.
    It's still on the engine, I haven't had time to swap it out with the Peugeot manifold I have.

    Unfortunately, I haven't done jack with my car for almost 2 (and a home renovation) is totally in my way.

    Below is a pic, somewhere I think I actually have pics of the inside as well (Bill wanted to see the inside of it.)

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    Cool to see that after hearing about it for years.

    Now if only someone had managed to put Jeff Friday's hi-rise manifold into production...
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    As far as building the PRV engine to make more power, here are some notes that I took using information from John Lane.

    Buy a Volvo B280F engine and a Dodge Monaco/Eagle Premier engine.

    From the Volvo engine use:
    - engine block
    - throttle body
    - intake manifold
    - camshafts (note: for better lift, instead use camshafts from B280E engine, Volvo part numbers 247957 and 247959)
    - engine management system (fuel & spark computers, sensors, etc.)

    From the Eagle/Monaco engine use:
    - cylinder heads
    - cylinder liners
    - flywheel sensor
    Obviously if you're going carbureted you can ignore his suggestions for engine management. You also can't use the camshafts he recommended, either, since you wouldn't have a gear to turn your distributor. (I have a 3.0L, but it uses 2.85L camshafts because the engine has a traditional distributor and mechanical fuel pump.)

    If memory serves, the B280F engine would be a good start because its two middle main bearings are cross-bolted for extra strength, and it has a takeoff and return for an oil cooler. So if you plan to run boost...
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    Nice looking manifold rich- I wonder how it was modded for that carb. I run the Peugeot 604 manifold with the 2100 carb but I do like the idea of equal length runners.

    The LS 4 swap is a totally different animal and in a class of it’s own - awesome

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