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Thread: Byrne Heninger has died

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    Byrne Heninger has died

    I just received word that Byrne Heninger is no longer with us. I know he had been in poor health for the last few years. Evidently he had cancer.
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    Holy crap. Very sad to see this. He lived just 30 min from me, and I almost bought my DeLorean from him back when I was first looking in 2004, but the deal didn't work out. He definitely kept the dream alive.
    Derek L
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    Very sad to hear. My condolences to his family.

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    Link to his obituary below. He will be missed.

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    My car was refurbished by Byrne and Sean way back in about 2002 for the PO but I only got to meet him the once when I bought a used OEM torsion bar from him.

    Later, his replacement bar system was a great engineering solution to a common problem of breaking bars.
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    So sorry to hear this. I had spoken to Byrne on the phone when he went back into business several years ago and I bought one his last sets of LCAs. Truly a nice man and he made some excellent parts for our cars. He will be missed.
    Patrick C.
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    This is terrible news. He was a great asset to the DeLorean community and well liked. My condolences to his family and friends.
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    One my first day of college Byrne passed me in his car at an intersection and I was immediately hooked on the car. Two years later we would actually meet when I joined SEDOC. We worked together for the better part of 10 years and he was a great friend and an even better mentor. What patience I have learned in my life is because of him. We didn't always agree on things but frequently commented on how our shortcomings were complemented the other's strengths. I truly expected him to reach 100 with the amount of spirit and life he had inside of him. I will miss him and be thinking about him and Mrs.H a lot over these next few days. Thank you Dermot for letting me know about this.
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    Quite a few DeLorean owners have come and
    gone. Do you think a permanent thread posting
    deaths and memories would be appropriate?...

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    Very sad to hear of his passing. RIP.
    Fan of all things DeLorean!

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