Look for a highly modified DeLorean, the specifically-autonomous, self-drifting, electric-powered research vehicle out of Stanford known as MARTY, to make an appearance in a segment of this week's episode of the PBS-TV series "Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed the World". Sir Patrick Stewart narrates Episode 4, "The Car" on Wed., May 8.

Link to the preview is HERE. with MARTY on the splash and in the clip at 0:07. The PBS page includes a playback link that presumably will become active after the May 8 airing date for those outside of PBS's reach or wanting to watch later.

MARTY has been discussed on other threads here, having had its public rollout over 3 years ago (LINK). As of last month MARTY had returned to its home lab at Stanford.

The More Extras link on the PBS preview page includes a longer segment of the show with the professor who oversaw the MARTY project, Chris Gerdes, interviewing Jay Leno in his garage about some other breakthrough car, the Ford Model T.