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Thread: Improved braking build (kit available)??

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    Improved braking build (kit available)??

    My standard brake system is in need of replacement--2126 had an engine upgrade several years back (327 chevy)--stock brakes ok, but now need repairs, what upgrades are now available for improved braking---want to retain stock wheels--would consider any mods, including dual diaphram booster, later style master cylinder, vented rotors, 4 disc cal , etc. Would like to hear from others who have performed these upgrades---vendors names please.

    thanks, Leroy 2126

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    Check out Delorean Industries vented front discs with wilwood calipers upgrade. I think they have a rear upgrade also but I'm not sure that you'd need it.

    There are kits to space out the existing calipers to take vented discs. They will be less likely to fade or warp, so in that way will improve braking, but it won't actually increase braking power over stock.

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    If you're looking to stop better and quicker, you should be looking at tires before you look at bigger/different brakes.

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    The 14" front rims are very limiting.

    You will find with any brake upgrade you will be moving to a vented rotor.

    Installing vented front rotors from deloreango would be a small step up in performance. Very affordable as well.

    I make brackets to bolt any sort of front Mazda Miata brake setup on. Let me know if you are interested, this option gives you a lot of options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    The 14" front rims are very limiting.
    Besides 1 car I have seen, how many owners are running the rear wheels on the front? I think the 15" wheels on the front make a big aesthetic impact.
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    I dont know if it would improve performance but I did see the rotor dust shield modified to direct airflow against the brakes on the DeLorean racecar. Has anyone put this on their vehicle?

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