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Thread: Hood Release Cable Question

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    Hood Release Cable Question

    Hello All.....I just purchased a new hood release cable and I'm trying to install it. The part that attaches inside the hood seems pretty straight forward with a metal ball on the end of it to attach to the latch mechanism. But the part that attaches to the handle inside under the dash is just braided cable with no way that I can see to attach it to the handle. Any suggestions? I just purchased the car and the cable under the dash was all frayed and had to be opened previously by yanking on the frayed cable with pliers so I don't know what a working attached cable should look like.

    I was thinking of just wrapping the new braided cable around the handle and securing it with metal weights and pliers like on fishing line or something.

    Please help...thanks!

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    Should be a hole for a bolt to go through in the handle body. Mine used a few washers to crush the cable down between with a bolt and a nut.
    -----Dan B.

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    Is the T-handle lever still present?

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    You should have this bracket:

    And the handle/lever pivots at the top with the end of the cable pinched in the other hole with a nut/washer combo. The cable 'sheath' gets secured to this bracket in that little portion that juts out. When you pull the handle, it pivots and pulls the cable but not the sheath, which then pulls on the far end you have connected to the release mechanism in the frunk.

    Old picture here, but still helpful a little I hope:


    And seeing how rusty my bracket is and that the new ones are only $25, might just have to get a replacement myself...

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    Maybe use a HD Terminal end like this emergency cable?

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    Very common for the cable to break right where it is captured by the bolt. Every time you pull the handle you bend the cable right there in that one spot over and over. Add a "back-up" cable. You can make one up or all of the vendors have them.
    David Teitelbaum

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    Or add a remote opener and use the cable as backup.
    -----Dan B.

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    Back Up Engine Cable

    Good time to also install a back up engine cable for when the day comes.

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