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Thread: Delorean Time Machine 2015 Series with Hover Illusion by CEI

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    Cool Delorean Time Machine 2015 Series with Hover Illusion by CEI

    The team at Coulombe Enterprises Inc. is proud to show off our lastest Back To The Future Delorean Time Machine conversion we call our "2015 series". This conversion is built with many extras. Besides the normal props that are fitted to the car, we added the illusion of the BTTF Hover mode by attaching custom made wheel to the exsisting wheels. We also built in a 5.1 surround audio system with a playback module of the following audio bytes: BTTF Theme song, 3 of Doc's famous phrases, Door opening sound, TCD activation and deactivation, Plutonium empty sound, TCD blinking seconds sound and my favoprite sound..... when the Mr. Fusion is opened you hear the suction release sound.

    We placed 3 external speakers throughout the entire Delorean. One in each pontoon, one in the front under the trunk, 2 internal speakers and one sub behind the rear bulkhead. It sounds "AWESOME"! We also have a back-up camera with a 7 inch LCD screen that pops out of the DVD radio system. (Thanks to Gary W. for that idea)

    "BUT", best of all this Time Machine systems features are all controlled by a wireless controller located in a replica of Doc's Fubata Radio. With a push of a button the owner can activate from up to 300 feet away from the vehicle the following functions: Activate the vehicle's inner Time Circuits just like turning the "Y" handle,, turn on/off the Flux Band lights, the Wormhole Emitter lights, the Hover Illusion lights, activate expelling fog from the exhaust vents, turn on/of the exhaust vents lights and play any choosen sound byte as a single shot or a continuous play back loop.

    Here are just a few photos of this awesome reproduction:

    If anyone wants to see more detailed photos of this conversion. Go to my website click on tab "Time Machine 2015"
    I want to publicly thank my team for their hard work, dedication and a job well done in getting this build out on schedule. Thanks crew. You're the best!
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    Very cool Delorean you have there! That hover conversion trick will be a hit for sure!

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    The hover wheels look badass.

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    That is ......AWESOME!
    eBay selling at it's best I can tell you stock Delorians and quite a bit of slugs so the Turbo is a super nice up-grade.
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    That is pretty badass

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    Absolutely incredible Bruce.

    A new bench mark has been set.
    Your props and BTTF builds are legendary.


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    Something like this is what the word AWESOME was really made for!!!

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    Does it have a carb?

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    That looks awesome!

    Can you drive the D in Hover mode? Just wondering ........

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    Okay, who in time who stole my Hover Illuision idea?

    It was going to look awesome on my jacked up ForDelorean.

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