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Thread: Introduction- new owner- Alameda CA

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark w View Post
    Welcome !

    Yes please join us on Norcal Delorean Facebook group.

    I love black cars!

    Mark W
    Joined! Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron View Post
    Awesome! are you going to make her fly?
    Well....she will spend a lot of time at the airport at least.
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    Talk about rites of passage! Here's the work so far:

    - New tires front rear
    - New flexible brake lines, bled brakes. Fortunately the PO replaced all calipers.
    - Dave's RPM and fan fail relay
    - Full relay panel refresh. Found the changeover relays here.
    - Headlight switch replaced
    - Mode switch rebuilt and AC working (found low pressure switch contact corrosion)
    - Steering bushing installed
    - AC clutch clamping diode installed
    - Console removed
    - Header tank installed
    - LEDs installed front and side...
    - One new front speaker
    - Modified aux lighting relay to bring AC panel lights on only with headlight switch
    - Drained coolant, started stripping rotten old rubber hoses
    - Found (and made work) automatic antenna "easter egg"
    - Bypassed a crispy #7 (sounds like a takeaway order) with a Klixon 20a pull type breaker.
    - Grease and new boots on steering ball joints

    Next few weeks:
    - Accumulator and line (yes it is original)
    - Fuel lines. Fortunately it has a new fuel pump and filter
    - Clutch line- braiided
    - Blower motor (banshee scream)
    - Rad Fan motors
    - Silicone hose refresh- entire cooling system
    - Fiberglass repair to engine cover
    - Rad auto bleeder kit
    - New exterior mirror glass
    - Spark plugs, distro cap, rotor
    - Front end recall kit
    - Figure out rear speakers/amp and decide whether to sent Craig radio out for bluetooth upgrade...
    - Shield brackets
    - Battery cutoff (or master relay) mod
    - Tail light boards
    - LED headlamps
    - Alternator
    - Possibly Stage 1 exhaust

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    1981 DMC 12- Black
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    Quote Originally Posted by CFI View Post
    I’d add fuel injection lines to the list. Old lines have been known to leak and cause fires.
    Cant sing this enough. Advance search engine fire on this forum to see why
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    This weekend’s work:

    - Replaced stock fans with DMCH pancake units. Cleaned all connectors and grounds. Found two grounds on front subframe (both sides of frame extension). Cleaned and tested good. Nice amp reduction with the new fans.
    - All four headlamps replaced by Hella 4x6 H4 units with LEDs. All four have high/low. Total amp draw is less than half of previous. Light is amazing.
    - Clutch hydraulic hose replaced with braided Deloreango unit. Found the new cable a little short and bleeding was difficult (access to bleeder screw). Not happy with result- feels like a flow restriction on the clutch. Will plan to replace master and slave.
    - R&I main body ground. Was spotless- quite surprising.
    - Installed DPI front end recall kit. Hard to get everything aligned and bolts in without cross threading, but it all came together.
    - Added discrete ground to inertia switch.
    - New radiator lower brackets, cleaned and painted horn brackets. Cleaned horns (both work fine).
    - Late last week I submitted title paperwork to DMV. Paid the purchase tax, now just need VIN verification and smog to register.
    - PJ Grady tail light boards via DPI. Works of art they are, compared to the original Commodore 64 garbage.
    - Deloreango blower motor.

    Waiting for new silicone rad/heater hoses for the next big push. DPI fuel lines and accumulator are sitting at home waiting for love as well.

    Decision to make- I bought a DIN mount console. Trying to decide whether to keep the Craig (updated with Bluetooth) and a rear amp/speakers or just go modern and fit the DIN console. Love to hear the over/under on that.

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    You're killing it, Ken. Great work!

    Here's my take on the radio situation. When I bought my first DeLorean, it already had a single DIN aftermarket head unit in it. I replaced it with another single DIN and cut holes in the back wall to add speakers. I added an amp in the trunk beneath the spare tire. It sounded fine. When I bought my second DeLorean, it had the original ASI radio in it ('82 model) and some ugly enclosed speakers mounted to the rear wall with brackets. The stupid speakers had to go, but I really liked the look of the ASI. Virtually everything that I listen to is on my phone, so I opted to install a small amp with Bluetooth behind the glove box and replaced all of the original speakers in their original locations.

    The one thing I wish I could do is control the volume of the music with the knob of the radio. Instead, I have to use the volume buttons on my phone. An upside to a Craig Bluetooth mod is that you'll be able to use the volume knob. The downside, I guess, is that it's not future-proof. If another wireless standard becomes popular, you'll have to find somebody to take apart your Craig again. I'll just need to replace the amp.
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    So far this week:
    - Pulled seats and removed all carpet except for rear arches and door trim. The carpet was very clean but the foam smelled awful.
    - Cleaned floor pan
    - Added Killmat to center of panels to reduce booming. Less is more with that stuff.
    - Stripped foam from center hump and firewall, replaced with Killmat and foam/loaded vinyl composite
    - Replaced fuse box, crimped and soldered new terminals. Easier with the pax seat out.
    - Replaced fuel accumulator and line. Way overdue. The nylon line crumbled and leaked as soon as I touched it.
    - Added 250amp fuse at battery positive terminal. Removed original terminal and crimped on a 5/16" lug to interface with the fuseholder.
    - Replaced alternator- well started to, then realized I needed a longer M10 bolt. McMaster....Removed, cleaned and dielectric greased alternator bracket.
    - Made alternator tensioner from McMaster parts
    - Removed/cleaned up most of the aluminum coolant lines. Ready to reinstall and pressure test
    - Added the trailing arm shield bracket kit from DMCH
    - Replaced exterior screw kit with PJ Grady stainless
    - Removed engine lower cover for composite repair
    - Removed excess electric antenna wiring. I use these splices when I don't solder/heatshrink. Aircraft grade, actually preferred over solder for aircraft wiring.
    - Repositioned firewall grommets for throttle cable and lambda sensor
    - Removed rust, primed, remounted coolant pipe brackets. When I reinstall I'll use self amalgamating tape as a buffer.

    Today I need to rebuild the main gear actuators on the Commander to address a delayed retraction issue- hoping it's that vs. a OH powerpack, then get ready for a hangar inspection on Monday. I'll order a DMCH carpet kit and possibly a DeloreanGo valley kit for delivery week after next. Thinking about doing a 12V busbar near the battery post and converting all main wiring (hot and ground) to MIL 22759/16 in 4 gage. If I do that I will run the battery ground direct to the gearbox, jumper back to the body. I'll do heatshrink red/black bands on the Tefzel. I also have the DPI fuel lines, self bleeder and vacuum lines. I figure no point adding the new fuel lines until after the VOD cleanout as I would need another set of copper washers.

    Trying to decide on doing a DMC stage 1 exhaust sooner or later. My exhaust is in ok shape. Unknown how the cat is performing. The DMCH stage 1 kit is California legal with a CARB EO.

    I have a line on a local CHP officer who might be able to stop by to perform the VIN verification- one step closer to registration.

    Tonight I'm going to drop the fuel tank closeout plate for a look-see, and possible realignment of the coolant pipes in there.

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    So to add to the list:

    - Pulled out fuel mix unit, intake manifold, y-pipe and valley heater lines. Did not snap a single bolt.
    - Cleaned valley (OMG what a disgusting job). Used a full roll of shop towels. Long hemostats to get crud out of deep castings after breaking up the worst with screwdrivers. Final rinse with Simple Green, then toothbrush. Multiple water rinse and shop vac cycles. No corrosion!
    - Cleaned intake manifold and W pipe to remove old gasket residue (someone used RTV). Replaced W pipe blanking plate gasket.
    - Removed all coolant and heater hoses. Rear heater hoses were....difficult.
    - Replaced all coolant and heater hoses (except front two heater lines- haven't gone there yet). Replaced or repainted all the cooling line brackets.
    - Replaced otterstat pipe with DeLoreanGo screw in otterstat pipe. Just seems like a better idea....
    - Replaced hot water valve with $10 Bronco unit from Reillys.
    - Replaced clutch master and slave. Added a speed bleeder to the slave. Just a few bucks from Dorman- it's an M7 x 1.00mm bleeder with a built in check valve, so makes single handed bleeding easier.
    - Replaced all carpets and underlay with DMCH kit.
    - Replaced all the engine vacuum hoses with DPI silicone. Used a light application of lacing tape to secure.
    - Added DPI self bleeder. Tapped 1/8" NPT hole in new t-stat housing to accommodate. Will likely add a shut-off valve to the bleeder in future.
    - Chase tapped all threaded holes in valley.
    - Assembled DeloreanGo water pump and t-stat housing, and new thermostat. Installed along with new valley heater return pipe and y-pipe with fresh o-rings. The two flex hoses in the valley are from DeLoreanGo- I purchased their "valley" kit- very comprehensive.
    - Pressure tested cooling system @ 16 psi. Thermostat housing leaked (t-time switch, front 19mm bolt and main sealing surface- despite new rubber edge seal on t-stat). Resealed all three with Permatex Gray. Confirmed good ground on t-time switch. Re-pressurized to 16psi- held solid for 4 hours, no leaks.
    - Replaced fuel filter, added DPI braided main fuel supply line.
    - Replaced fuel return line with DPI braided.
    - Rebuilt frequency valve with braided line.
    - Pulled, replaced all spark plugs.
    - Replaced distributor cap, rotor and plug leads.
    - Pulled, cleaned injectors. Replaced seals and retainer clips. Torqued into braided lines with new copper washers and DMC banjo bolts.
    - Replaced cigarette lighter light with LED.
    - Replaced engine cover light switch.
    - Fabricated and installed a stainless bracket for my 20A Klixon breaker (replaces #7 overheating 20A fuse)
    - While the seats were out, I removed the rails for cleaning and lubrication. The rail retaining hex bolts were loose so I torqued those in place with some blue Loctite. Replaced the seats. I used a 3/4" punch heated with a MAP torch to make the holes in the new carpet for seat/seat belt bolts.
    - Replaced center console.
    - Disassembled and cleaned the fuel mix unit and throttle plate assembly. Replaced the rest pressure plunger o-rings and copper. The anti-tamper plug has been removed and replaced with a puttied-up bolt, so I need to figure out a permanent plug once I set the CO properly. Waiting for a gasket set for reassembly and torque.
    - Traced and replaced missing fuel tank to vacuum canister hose (would have failed smog on this one).
    - Lubricated door, trunk, engine cover hinges with LPS2.
    - Decided to leave Craig radio in place and add a bluetooth amplifier later.
    - More PB Blaster on my exhaust studs in preparation for the DMC Stage 1 install. Received that kit but without the CARB EO sticker- emailed DMCH to remind them I'll need it for smog, but to avoid annoying the smog gods I'll probably leave the stock exhaust on until I've passed my initial smog test.
    - Replaced alternator and a/c drive belts.
    - Had VIN verifier come by to complete that piece of registration work. Just smog check to go.
    - Purchased an Innova timing light/dwell meter. Hopefully it will work fine for what I need.
    - Found that the engine light positive feed had incorrectly been connected to the ballast resistor. Fixed that.
    - Ordered a used C4 Corvette third brake light from e-Bay. Hopefully it will save my ass. Literally.

    Starting to think about pulling the trans for a preventive clutch/pilot/throwout bearing replacement. Also would like to do the lip seals and rear main seal, plus blast and powder coat the half shafts.

    Decided not to travel for the holidays this year to get this project done. Hope to fire it up again on Thanksgiving.

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    Passed CA emissions test

    So perhaps a significant milestone today. I have had the car running since Sunday; corrected ignition timing and dwell angle (using an Innova timing/dwell gun) last night, and passed the smog test today. NOx was high-ish but passing- which I might ascribe to having the CO low, or a lean biased mixture (hoping to hear a better theory). The smog tech thought that my idle was high at about 1000rpm- but the NOx was high on the dyno driving load phase, for which idle should be irrelevant. Anyway- a pass.

    Since the last update:

    - Removed the OEM exhaust. No bolt snappage, but lots of awkward angles to remove- particularly the crossover pipe.
    - Completed reassembly of the interior.
    - Had to R&R a driveshaft. What a pain in the arse. Crows foot to torque.
    - Installed the DMC stage 1 exhaust. Removed all the old studs. Ended up using all 24 new studs/washers/nuts to install the new system. Hope my starter doesn't give out, as the pax side header needs to come out for starter removal.
    - Heat shielded start/alternator wiring.
    - Removed the starter to alternator jumper (factory harness subassembly)- used to bridge from jump start post to firewall + connection. Very neat trick.
    - Started, ran, roughed in the mixture.
    - Reassembled valley, intake manifold, mix unit, airbox yada yada.

    So here she is:

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    Dodging the rain, I got out and about a little in the last few days. 250 total miles, no issues.

    Yup, 4 H4/LED low beams, correctly adjusted. I used Hella housings vs. the cheaper Amazon specials.
    1981 DMC 12- Black
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