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Thread: Eurofest 2021

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    Eurofest 2021

    As you may know the 7th Eurofest celebrating the 40th anniversary of the DeLorean will be held in in Belfast May 27th - 30th in 2021.
    Me and my wife are planning to attend.
    I don't think we will drive my DeLorean all the way from Norway, so we will fly over there.
    Can I expect to see any of my forum and facebook friends there?
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    Svein Apeland

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    Greetings from Chicagoland! My wife and I plan to attend, but we won't be shipping our car with us.

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    My wife and I also plan to attend. Will not be shipping 16355 all the way from New Zealand. Will tie this trip in with a few weeks visiting my wife's parents who live in the Lake District, England. looking forward to meeting some DMC Talk folk.

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    Planning on being there. Probably only spend 2, maybe 3 days with the Delorean’s. Planning to make stop by Scotland and England while we are over there

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    We are going too with my girlfriend, from Hungary. We are going with my Delorean, VIN7075. Bopat will join us too with VIN701.

    We were there in 2016 too, you can watch my road movie about that. Politically absolutely not correct, but fun.
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    Gail and Bob Brandys are planning on attending.
    Ryan Brandys and a few of his friends are also planning on attending.

    We will be brining information on the Iron Man Delorean with us as well as the 2015 Electric Delorean, the 97 Delorean Time Machine, the Movie theatre Delorean and more!

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    I am planning on attending!

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    Eurofest 2021 POSTPONED

    Thank you for signing up to be notified of ticket release for Eurofest 2021. Your interest and support in the event is very much appreciated.
    Due to the current worldwide Covid 19 pandemic there are a number of aspects of the show we are still unable to finalise. We have also been discussing with our partners in the event how the ongoing effect of Covid 19 will affect how they host and accommodate events like Eurofest going forward. Unfortunately a number of our partners for the event are still closed or operating with reduced capacity for the duration of social distancing.
    Due to the above we unfortunately have made the difficult decision to postpone Eurofest 2021 until a later date after 2021. Ticket release was pushed back earlier this year to allow some additional details to be finalised. At this stage we are unable to commence ticket sales with confidence of being able to deliver the event to its fullest and in a safe environment for the attendees. There are a number of factors that have lead to this difficult decision but it was not taken lightly.
    An update on a rescheduled date will be announced ASAP.

    Thank you for your support during these unprecedented times and further updates will be released as soon as they become available.
    [email protected]

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    Eurofest 2026

    The organiser announced this today:
    Due to the current global pandemic the Eurofest 2021 event was postponed with a view to moving to a date in the future. No formal date was confirmed at the time due to the unpredictability of how restrictions would impact the event at a future date. Eurofest is an event that requires considerable planning and contractual commitments to be undertaken well in advance. It was hoped that the event could be moved to May 2022, however with ongoing restrictions both locally and internationally as well as ongoing travel restrictions this is not possible. It has therefore been decided to reschedule the event to the 45th anniversary in 2026. The next Eurofest will therefore be arranged for Thursday 28th May – Sunday 31st May 2026.

    We also have the facebook group Eurofest Delorean set up. We hope to use it to share stories photos etc of past Eurofest Events and future events. Please check that out and share your photos and stories of Eurofest Events

    You can find it here:

    Lastly, ticket sales for the 2026 event will be though Ticket Tailor as was the plan for the 2021 event. If you would like to join the waiting list there you will be kept informed of any developments.

    It can be found at

    We hope that you will join us in 2026 for a show that will be back stronger than ever.

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