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Thread: Holley Sniper 2300 EFI kit?

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    No problem. Base Holley hp/ dominator software is the same. Hp just doesn't have all the features enabled as with the better unit. Sniper and terminator have their own. I'll look and see if you can do the firmware add on. But it wouldn't matter as you said we both can do the math on the sizing issue. There is no way a prv will idle with that much injector flow. Best bet for diy owners is to build off megasquirt unless they want to pay for a professional package. Every Detail Matters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delorean Industries View Post
    Holley does not support odd fire directly.
    Strange, really. I get that oddfire applications are limited but even dumbdumb MSD got it working on the 6AL boxes for ignition control!

    They took a fancy approach by adding the time between two pulses and dividing by two.

    Or they could just download the source code for msextra and look for inspiring algorithms.
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