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Thread: VIN 5510 - Bill's DeLorean Restoration

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    My VIN:    5510

    These have been a slow couple of months on the car, and I realize that I haven't made an update in a while. As everyone here is surely familiar - sometimes other things come up. One of those things was installing a NEMA 14-50R outlet in the garage, which now has a "Level 2" 40 amp EV charger in place (240V * 40A = 9.6kW). This is more than the 32A max that the Bolt/DeLorean charger will accept, but we just bought a Mustang Mach-E that can charge at 48A. 40A means we can do a full (0-100) charge in under 10 hours, though we keep it capped at 80% unless we are doing a long trip. This is a huge improvement over the level 1 charger (120V * 12A = 1.4kW).

    One big thing is that my custom drive shafts have been shipped out from The Drive Shaft Shop, and are scheduled to be here on Friday!! While that isn't even close to holding me back at the moment, it is a requirement to get the car to move, so I'm very excited to get them installed!

    Next is that I've taken some time and I've pivoted on the brakes & steering situation. I decided to stop working on the steering and instead get the brake booster and pedal box installed so that I can confirm placement and fitment of the pedals, and then I'll go back to the steering linkage. This required me to make 2 brackets - one that holds the Bolt's pedal assembly to the interior firewall plate/pedal box, and one that holds the Bolt's brake booster - plus an arm that holds the brake "clevis" in the right spot on the brake pedal. This has been tack welded and I'm planning on testing it over the next week. Testing it will mean the brake booster is installed and I can press the brake pedal to activate it.

    With the booster working, I'll switch over to the steering linkage - and I *might* have a new path for the linkage where I can go to the driver's side of the pedal box, rather than passenger side of the box. At the moment it is basically right in the middle of the car, and if I can move it to the driver's side it will come out a few inches from the stock location. If I can do that, I'll likely be able to remove one of my U-joints, which will make me very happy, and simplify the linkage.

    I also have both small battery boxes tacked together. On the short list is to weld the rear small and large packs together, which will let me properly place it in the engine bay and get the mounts fabricated. I think having the full rear pack (empty) mounted will be a huge milestone!!

    • Brake booster stuff - SendCutSend - $66
    • Bolts for brake booster - Bolt Depot - $35

    • Grizzl-E 40A EV charger and 50A NEMA 14-50 outlet
    • 3" die grinder mandrel w/ cut-off discs
    • MIG welding wire, TIG electrodes, other consumables
    • Riv-nut install tool (for use with a drill)

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    My VIN:    5510

    I hit a pretty awesome milestone this evening while working on the car!

    I've got the pedal box from the Bolt installed in the DeLorean - along with the electric power brake booster and master cylinder! This means I can sit in the car and hit the brake pedal and it actually "does" something! The brake fluid hard lines aren't installed yet, but that should be pretty straight forward, and at that point I will literally have working brakes again!!

    The accelerator pedal is also a component of the booster, and it is installed and working. And the final piece, steering, is coming along. The steering column is installed - it has both tilt and telescoping, along with lots of buttons. The main piece not hooked up here is the steering linkage, but I'm pretty sure that the setup I was getting frustrated with before WILL work, I just need to get the heim support joints really strong. My thought that I might be able to route the steering linkage to the "left" did not work out once I test fit everything. There just isn't any room.

    Side note - if anyone wants to replicate this build - avoid this situation. I'm too far along now, but had I known I would run into this I would redesign the battery pack to give more room on the driver's side of the trunk. Then the steering linkage could go through the original path (or maybe a bit to the left) and then move the brake booster 4" to the right (of my current location... which is probably 6" to the left of the original brake booster location) to give it enough clearance.

    Anyway - once I've got the steering working I'm going to switch over to the batteries. I've got to finish constructing the rear battery box and then build the mount for it, then mount the big front box and build a mount for the small front box and mount it. Then I'll need to mount at least 2 of the high voltage boxes (HV distribution box and inverter - I won't need to mount the DC-DC converter or AC charger for the first run around the block). Once they are installed I'll run the high voltage cables around the car and hook up the packs, then low voltage wiring harness. I did receive the custom CV shafts last week and they are gorgeous and will fit perfectly! Because they are splined and go into the electric motor, I will need to remove the lower suspension links in the back to install them.... THEN I'll be able to drive it for the first time!!

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    Sounds like a lot of work yet. Keep at it. I have a custom Truck that took me ten years to build. It was worth it, now that Iím driving it. My only regret is now I have to pick between two awesome vehicles when I go for a drive.

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