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Thread: sales tax in massachusetts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Specialist View Post
    I had to bring a bill of sale due to the buyer being in CT and they donít issue titles for vehicles over 20 years old. They had me for the full price. However, it might be different for you, but since DeLorean is not in the system, Iím not sure. I would bring your bill of sale just in case in case they canít look up the amount and wonít issue.

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    The Mass DMV does not like cars from CT and put everyone through the ringer when they are trying to do anything with a non titled CT car. I will never buy a car from CT just for that reason. I could tell you some stories about friends who have had history with this problem.

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    Its not a toy car, its just an older car I need to have registered. I don't see the registry not doing their job by not registering a car i have all the paperwork for. Hence the name registry. My insurance company is taking care of it fir me

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    Youíll be fine with the form the insurance company gives you and the title or bill of sale. Youíll just have to wait while the do some extra steps to get you in. Took me an hour, but it was done.

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