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Thread: East TN tech meet

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    East TN tech meet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    Sounds like a lot of fun. I might be able to do this.

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    Wow what a fun weekend! Friday those that came in early all went to a local cruise-in and had dinner(Thanks Rich for buying me din!). After we came back to the house for some drinks and hung out till about 2am

    Saturday morning the rest of the group shows up. We have breakfast thanks to my wonderful wife who made us melted swiss cheese and ham sliders, hashbrowns, fruit and lemon poppyseed muffins!

    Later we get started on cars. My neighbor has a huge garage and a lift so most of the work was done there. Let's face it, people who drive 500-800 miles one way don't have a lot wrong with their car. Mostly we did inspections, light cleaning, regrained some panels, little paint work, minor things. The dent repair tech is on site and stayed busy all day long though. I remember someone saying they needed a dwell adjustment but I didn't get my meter out all day. I hopped back and forth from both houses quite a bit and the weather was so perfect, I completely neglected to get my or my wife's car out of the garage to make more room.

    We had an early dinner since everyone was so busy we skipped lunch(plenty of leftovers from breakfast though). Grilled dogs, chips, baked beans, slaw, and deviled eggs...again thanks to my wife and neighbor who worked tirelessly all day while we dicked around on cars. Afterward more pics and a few had to leave to get back home for work. We took to the gun range to lighten our ammo bags, then at dark the pool party starts and wraps up around 12:30.

    Sunday morning was the icing on the cake. We met at Cracker Barrel for breakfast...big thanks to Steve Rice for buying everyone breakfast. We caravan about 20 miles to "The Snake". A local motorcycle mecca of over 400 curves in the mountains and valleys of east TN. A driving enthusiast could easily spend all day there. We shut down the Shady Valley country store scene when 7 DeLoreans ease into an already packed parking lot. At Shady valley, we said our good byes and split up on our different routes on the way back. By the time I got back to Blountville, I was all alone again and sad. Debbi and I were already talking about doing it next year but using a dealership in Blountville that can easily house 10 cars at a time.

    So that was our first tech day/thug forum meet! We had the most perfect weather all weekend. In fact, it rained at my house Friday but we were all in JC that night so none of us saw any. Everyone got home safe and sound and with some of them running more than 1,700 miles round trip, not one roadside problem.

    Thank you to everyone who came in person or spirit to make this inaugural event a huge success. I know some really wanted to be here but work is work. Thanks to my neighbor Brian who opened his garage up for us, my neighbor's wife and my wife were the glue that kept you all from eating out of a bag of pork rinds for breakfast lunch and dinner and God gave us absolutely spectacular picture perfect weather. We enjoyed meeting and hanging with each and every one of you.

    Here is a link to the pic thread where we are all posting our pictures as well as instagram vids and pics found of us.

    A few teasers
    SmartSelect_20200907-084416_Samsung Internet.jpg
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    Awesome! Looks like a great turnout. I couldnít make it this time, but maybe next time.

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    Thank you and Debbi so much for organizing this event. The hospitality was first class for sure. Everything was perfect! Thanks for sprucing up my windshield trim with your professional abilities, looks better than new now! I canít wait for next years meet!

    One cool story/memory that stuck out for me. We were sitting at the table at Cracker Barrel and a gentleman came up to me and showed me a pic of his Bricklin around a bunch of DeLoreans. It was from DCS 2008 in Gettysburg, PA from a joint B/D meet. At least a couple of us were there at that meet, including me! Small world!

    The other one was telling that one guy at the pitstop on 421/snake that I owned all the cars we were driving. Haha! He believed it too. But really not too far from the truth.

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    It was a pleasure having you guys here too. The N.C. bunch balanced out the Yankee ratio nicely.
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    Michael (DLG),

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    WOW so many showed up, thats awesome man!
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